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Excelsior! is now a Netflix search term

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Nov 15, 2018, 10:05 PM EST

It’s been a few days since the passing of The Man himself, Stan Lee. The co-creator of some of Marvel's most legendary heroes, his legacy will live on ever upward, in comics, video games, TV, and the MCU. And his cameos in almost every Marvel movie were always the most welcomed easter egg.

Lee's catchphrase “Excelsior!” is also the stuff of legend. It’s how he would sound off in his editorial columns in the comics. It’s how he ended his tweets. It’s how he ended his panels. If anyone else were to yell the word, even in the correct context, there would be a Stan Lee reference not far behind.

And now it's also a new way to search for marvelous Netflix treats...

The motto of the state of New York, Excelsior is Latin for “ever upward” or “still higher.” It was Lee’s way of telling his fans always to try and move forward and higher. He started using it in the mid-1960s. After failed attempts with other catchphrases, Lee wanted an original word that other companies wouldn't try to copy, and his use of "Excelsior!" was born.

Netflix is honoring both Lee and his famous phrase. Thanks to the Netflix's official Twitter account NX — described as the "space to live everything super, sci-fi, the fantastic, and beyond" — we know that if you log into your Netflix account and search for “Excelsior!” it will produce all of the Marvel content currently streaming on the site.

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Credit: Donnie Lederer

While it is just a small gesture, it’s still a fun one, and one that Stan would likely have enjoyed seeing. There have been many beautiful tributes to Lee this week, and now Netflix is doing its part to show proper respect to a real-life legend.

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