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Excelsior! Stan Lee street murals are taking over the universe

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Nov 25, 2018, 9:20 PM EST

Stan Lee is already immortal, but these murals are going to make sure The Man lives forever. Some incredibly talented artists have been creating their own memorials to the Marvel titan wherever there is wall space.

It’s almost surprising that street murals like the ones that have lately been showing up on Instagram hadn’t started going up sooner. Lee was a hero for generations of comic fans. Anyone whoever climbed all over their parents’ furniture pretending to be Spider-Man, put on a padded muscle suit to be the Hulk for Halloween or could identify with the misfit band of mutants otherwise known as the X-Men has been somehow touched by the late master.

Whether or not you have tickets for a Marvel movie at RED Cinemas in Greensboro, NC, you will always see a mural that is pretty impossible to miss. JEKS rendered Lee’s smiling face next to letters that spell out dream in that unmistakable Marvel font, with Spidey, Wolverine and other characters in the background.

In LA, SopitaGvng created a larger-than-life image of his face against a moonlit cityscape, with Spidey crouching on a computer under a slightly crooked One Way sign.

Jim Visions dreamed up this mind-blowing tribute on Rhoda Street in East London. Lee appears to have supernatural powers himself, or at least the shirt he’s wearing does.

It seemed the entire planet trembled when Lee passed beyond this realm two weeks ago. Everyone from Brian Michael Bendis to George R.R. Martin offered tributes worthy of a superhero. Twitter almost exploded. There was a candlelight vigil near his former home turf on Long Island, Falcons wide out Mohamed Samu customized his football cleats with Spider-Man, and Kevin Feige is considering somehow putting a Stan Lee cameo in every Marvel movie that will ever exist.

Even DC showed some respect by taking out an ad in The Hollywood Reporter and putting a black armband on the statue of Kal-el that guards the Superman Museum.

Will there be more murals? You don’t have to have clairvoyant powers to guess there probably will, but this University of Florida Reddit appeal could be an omen of things to come:

reddit appeal for Stan Lee mural

Someone please say New York City will have its own mural soon.

(via Bleeding Cool)