Excerpts from Kylo Ren's Mixtape Journal

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Dec 21, 2017, 3:12 PM EST

Buried deep within the wreckage of Supreme Leader Snoke's ship, we found a floating composition notebook. It was marked only with the text "KYLO'S MIXTAPE JOURNAL." This is its content.


Track One
Subject: This is dedicated to everyone who doesn’t get me. So it’s dedicated to everyone.
Music: Taking Back Sunday – Liar, Liar

My fav lyrics:
I'm an addict for dramatics
I confuse the two for love

Got 26 days to work with (got 26 days)
Then back on that island
That you swear by
Still barely can't afford
It's still a question of
How long will this hold?

Track 2
Subject: The man. Put. A. light Saber. In. My. Face. MY FACE. IS. MY. BEST. FEATURE.
Music: Thurday – War all the Time

My fav lyrics:
War all of the time
In the shadow of the [Tattooine] skyline
We grew up too fast falling apart

Track 3
Subject: Sometimes I wonder what SL really wants… can I be what he wants me to be? I don’t know.
Music: The Get Up Kids – The Company Dime

My fav lyrics:
Anonymous until the ending
Spent a long, long time pretending
And a longer day spent accepting 
What the world ahead would store
You only learn but not believing 
That the industry is unforgiving 
Everything that you've been giving 
Isn't what it was before

Track 4
Music: Saves the Day - Freakish

My fav lyrics:
As I'm talking
My words slip to the floor
And they crawl through your legs
Slide under the back door
Rendering me freakish and dazed
Well, here I am
Don't know how to say this
Only thing I know is awkward silence
Your eyelids close when you're around me
To shut me out

Track 5
Subject: She’s thinking of me, I can tell. I can’t wait for my personality to come out and ruin this. *cries*
Music: Sugarcult – Pretty Girl

My fav lyrics:
She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego and
The killer instinct tells her to be aware of evil men.
And that's what you get for falling again;
You can never get him out of your head.
And that's what you get for falling again;
You can never get him out of your head.

Track 6
Music: Death Cab for Cutie – Soul Meets Body

My fav lyrics:
I cannot guess what we'll discover
When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels
But I know our filthy hands can wash one another's
And not one speck will remain
I do believe it's true
That there are roads left in both of our shoes
But if the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too

Track 7
Subject: She won’t listen to me! I have so much to say!
Music: Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team)

My fav lyrics:
How about I'm outside of your window
Watchin' him keep the details covered
You're such a sucker for a sweet talker, yeah

Why can't I feel anything
From anyone other than you?
And all of this was all your fault
And all of this
I stay wrecked and jealous for this,
For this simple reason
I just need to keep you in mind
As something larger than life

Track 8
Subject: She thinks I can be better, but can I? She sees me, unlike SL. I would give her my cape. 
Music: Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated

My fav lyrics:
I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right, I swear I'm right
Swear I knew it all along and
I am flawed
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself

Track 9
Subject: omgomgomgomg we sort of made it to a new point in our ship, omg. I was vulnerable, she didn’t laugh. We were beautiful. Together.
Music: Cursive – The Martyr

My fav lyrics:
And so it's begun 
This is year one 
The birth of a child in the form of a man 
Wrapped in towel 

Track 10
Subject: Her friends SUX0RZZZZZZ. I hate them!!!! 
Music: Reggie and the Full Effect – Your Girlfriends Hate Me

My fav lyrics:
Your boyfriend, he likes you, but does he really try
Can he do, what I do, should you just say good-bye

Track 11
Subject: Devastated.
Mood: SAD
Music: The Ataris – Your Boyfriend Sucks

My fav lyrics:
I don't know why I care so much
When I shouldn't care at all

Finally got the nerve to tell you
How much you mean to me you said that I was your best friend
A real sweet guy, but that's all I'd ever be

Track 12
Subject: How did I get here? I miss my grandpa, I mean. I never knew him, but he would know how to talk to girls, I bet.
Mood: SAD
Music: Underoath – Reinventing Your Exit

My fav lyrics:
This is the way I would have done things
Up against the wall, up against the wall
You got me up against your wall
It's you and me on a Monday
The lies that we told
This is where we both go numb now
You broke my heart again this time
You're fading…

Track 13
Subject: Seriously, WHO NEEDS LOVE. NOT ME. I’M FINE.
Music: Jimmy Eat World – Pain

My fav lyrics:
Nevermind these are horrid times
Oh oh oh
I can't let it bother me
I never thought I'd walk away from you
I did
But it's a false sense of accomplishment
Every time time I quit
Anyone can see my every flaw
It isn't hard
Anyone can say they're above this all
It takes my pain away

Track 14
Subject: This is the year of Kylo. I’m going to focus on myself. This is about what I want.
Music: Finch – What it is to Burn

My fav lyrics:
Today's on fire
The sky is bleeding above me, and I am blistered
I walk these lines of blasphemy, every day
And still
Like a bad star, I'm falling faster down to her
She's the only one who knows, what it is to burn
I feel diseased
Is there no sympathy, from the sun
The sky's still fire
But I am safe in here, from the world outside
So tell me
What's the price to pay for glory

Track 15
Subject: I hope she flies into a wall.
Music: Brand New – Jude Law and a Semester Abroad

My fav lyrics:
And even if her plane crashes tonight
She'll find some way to disappoint me
By not burning in the wreckage
Or drowning at the bottom of the sea
The weather is getting better by the hour (rains all the time)
I hope it rains there all the time
And if you ever said you miss me then don't say you never lied
I'm without you

Track 16
Subject: Am I … unloveable? 
Music: Lisa Loeb –  Stay

My fav lyrics:
And you say
I only hear what I want to
I don't listen hard
I don't pay attention
To the distance
That you're running or to
Anyone anywhere
I don't understand if you really care
I'm only hearing negative, no no no, bad

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