Exclusive 1st look at DC Comics' new Captain Atom and Blue Beetle

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

Even if you've never heard of Captain Atom and the Blue Beetle, trust us, you've heard of Captain Atom and the Blue Beetle. That's because the last guy who tried to reboot those characters was Alan Moore, and his plans were so dire that DC had him tell his story about Doctor Manhattan and Nite Owl instead ... which is how Watchmen was born.

Now those two characters have been rebooted as part of DC's New 52, and we've got the first look at the second issues of these two revamped sci-fi characters.

Captain Atom is from the creative team of writer J.T. Krul and artist Freddie Williams II, while Blue Beetle comes from writer Tony Bedard and artist Ig Guara.

Check out the new adventures below!