Exclusive 1st look inside the magic monster book of NBC's Grimm

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

In NBC's upcoming fairy-tale-inspired monster mash of a series, Grimm, the main character Nick discovers he has one important resource in his creature-battling arsenal ... a library of books his aunt left him. Luckily for us, NBC is giving us an exclusive first look at the pages of one of the books Nick discovers as he investigates his Aunt Marie's trailer after she's killed.

"The Grimms' books that he has are the original stories that were handed down from the Grimm brothers and passed on and added to by generations of Grimms," said co-creator and executive producer David Greenwalt (Buffy, Angel). "They're more like profiles ... of criminal behavior and creatures. So that's what he's got. He's got ancient books to reference."

"That's the real source material. ... That book exists in the world of our show. But he's using very specific profiling source material that's been handed down to him through his family," said co-creator and executive producer Jim Kouf (Angel, National Treasure).

As Grimm opens, Nick (David Giuntoli) discovers that he's the latest in a line of warriors who are destined to protect humanity from the evildoers of the fairy-tale world like the Big Bad Wolf (aka Blutbad) and Hexenbiest when they can't keep their urges under control. Nick has the ability to see through the disguises, although not all the creatures are evil. The library becomes a key resource, along with a reformed Big Bad Wolf named Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell).

The books are often named after the specific creature they detail, although some books have more than one creature profiled in them, said the producers.

"These have been complied over the last two centuries by Grimms over the years," said Kouf. "Because the mantle of hunting down these Big Bad Wolves [and other creatures] has been passed on from generation to generation to generation. And each generation has added to the books."

"And some are written in German. Some are written in Old German, go way back. Some are written in different languages. So they're not always readily translatable to our hero," added Greenwalt.

"Sometimes he's going to understand the behavior of the character he's looking for, because other profilers in the past have followed them and studied them and you get similar behavioral patterns from these books," said Kouf. "Sometimes he gets part of an answer, and that leads him to Monroe, who is able to give him sometimes more complete answers."

"And sometimes not. Monroe has some knowledge from being one of these critters himself, but he doesn't know everything," said Greenwalt.

When it comes to Nick's creature-hunting endeavors, the "big old library" isn't the only resource Aunt Marie's Airstream trailer holds. "She's been collecting weapons over the years as creatures have been vanquished. ... There's apothecary jars in the trailer," he added.

"There's lots of secrets yet to be discovered in the trailer," said Kouf.

Grimm premieres on NBC on Friday, Oct. 28 at 9 p.m. ET.

Here's a sneak peek at Nick's entry into the trailer.

And see below for a first look at the pages inside the first book Nick discovers.