Exclusive 1st look at Vertigo's psychic cops comic Collider

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:21 PM EDT

Who you gonna call for wormholes and quantum tornadoes? The Ghostbusters are probably a little unqualified, but you might want to get in touch with the psychic cops of Vertigo's new comic Collider—and we have the exclusive first look right here.

Announced at the Vertigo Panel at Chicago's C2E2 expo today, the new comic is written by Simon Oliver (The Exterminators, Gen 13), with art by newcomer Robbi Rodriguez. It's slated to launch this fall.

The series will follow the Federal Bureau of Physics (FBP), who are only called in for the weirdest and wildest cases.

Check out the full description below, as well as an exclusive peek at the first piece of concept art.

"Wormholes in your kitchen, gravity failures at school, quantum tornadoes tearing through the with all natural disasters, people do what they always do--they adapt and survive.

And if things get really bad, the Federal Bureau of Physics (FBP) is only a call away.
This Fall Vertigo brings you COLLIDER, a new ongoing series written by Simon Oliver (Gen¹³) with art by Vertigo newcomer,.

COLLIDER is the story of ADAM HARDY: young, brash and smart, he's a rising star at the FBP, but when a gravity failure leads to the creation of an alternate dimension known as a "BubbleVerse," Adam is sent on a rescue mission and finds his skills and abilities pushed to their limits when he discovers his partner has a different agenda...

The universe is falling apart, people are caught in the middle, but the brave men and women of the FBP are here to set things right."