Exclusive: A Frankenstein-filled finale in Victor LaValle's Destroyer #6

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Oct 18, 2017, 11:14 AM EDT

There’s no more iconic creature than Frankenstein’s monster, because he’s made of the greatest monsters of them all: us. The line between man and monster has always been at the core of the Frankenstein mythos, and recently it’s been getting a fresh new perspective in the pages of the comic book series Victor LaValle’s Destroyer.

In this series, readers were introduced to the last living descendant of the Frankenstein family, a brilliant scientist named Dr. Josephine Baker, whose son is murdered in an act of horrible violence, and so she uses her family secrets to reanimate and improve him. Over the course of the series, we’ve seen the return of the original monster, and more of the consequences of Dr. Baker’s actions come home to roost as she does everything she can to protect her son—if he even still is her son anymore.

When SYFY WIRE interviewed writer Victor LaValle back in April, he talked about the distinction between men and monsters in Destroyer. “There will be times when they make really shocking and horrifying choices, but you'll never think it's purely black and white. So when people treat them as monsters or heroes, you'll always feel like it's more complicated than that.”

That theme is sure to play a fascinating role in the series finale, of which SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview, courtesy of publisher BOOM! Studios. Victor LaValle’s Destroyer #6 hits shops next Wednesday, making it the perfect Halloween horror series to binge on. Take a look at the beautiful Micaela Dawn cover, read the publisher’s solicitation for the issue, and then check out the chilling 5-page preview in the gallery below.


Victor LaValle’s Destroyer #6

Written by Victor LaValle with art by Dietrich Smith. Cover art by Micaela Dawn.

32 pages, full color. $3.99. On Sale: 10/25/17

Final issue! In the wreckage of the Lab, Frankenstein’s Monster faces off against Akai with the fate of the world and the family lineage hanging in the balance.