EXCLUSIVE: A new battle plan is drawn in clip from this week's The Walking Dead

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Dec 1, 2017

After taking a "breather" from war last week on The Walking Dead, Rick's team is ready to put the rest of its plan in action.

Or, rather, it seems Daryl is putting together his own team in the hopes of ending the war against the Saviors sooner than anticipated. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode, we get a sneak peek at Daryl's updated plan.

It seems that the original plan was to starve the Saviors to death. By surrounding the Sanctuary with walkers that stand three deep, there is no chance of exiting the Sanctuary without becoming a zombie snack, and without regular food drops, the supplies in the Sanctuary will dry up quickly.

But after the close call last week with the truck loaded with speakers, Daryl is getting itchy to end this war quickly. He wants to crack open the Sanctuary like a walnut and, in the words of Tara, "walker buffet." Morgan is on board, too, but Rosita is averse to risk-taking. "I believe in Rick Grimes," she says, staying true to her leader.

Whose side are you on? Rick's "wait it out" plan, or Daryl's "get 'er done" plan?

"Time for After," the next episode of The Walking Dead, airs December 3 on AMC.

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