Exclusive: After Archie Comics goes 'Over The Edge,' a fresh start begins with new artist Audrey Mok

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:12 AM EDT (Updated)

This August, dramatic change is coming to Riverdale in Archie #23. The lives of our favorite characters will be dramatically altered -- especially for one of them -- in the first issue following the "Over the Edge" story arc that saw a major tragedy.

According to Archie Comics publicity, what started off as a high-speed race between Archie and Reggie on the Serpent's Tail results in a tragic accident that threatens the lives of Archie, Reggie and Betty. And now, in the solicitation text for the brand-new story arc in Archie #23, revealed exclusively here: "The fallout continues! One life has been destroyed, another family has been torn apart — and only the kids of Riverdale High can save their town from imploding!"

On sale August 23, the 32-page comic written by Mark Waid marks a jumping-on point for fans of CW's Riverdale series who enjoy the drama and action of that show. It's also the jumping-on point for Audrey Mok, who has been working on Josie and the Pussycats (which comes to end this August with Issue #9) and will be replacing Pete Woods as the new series artist.

“Audrey is phenomenal," said Waid. "I told her the second I saw her work that I wanted to write for her ... she hits with brilliance the alchemical mix of humor and heartbreak that's made Archie such a joy to work on.”

"Being approached to join the Archie book, and to work with Mark, is such a dream," said Mok. "I've always been a big fan of Mark's writing, with his Archie series being one of my favorites; I'm incredibly honored and excited to be a part of this book."

Archie #23 will also feature a cover by Thomas Pitilli, with a variant cover by Greg Smallwood.

Check out an exclusive look at both covers below, as well as a sample of Mok's art, to get a sense of what's in store for Archie.

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