Exclusive: Alan Tudyk reveals Con Man cameo cut from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Apr 3, 2017

It's no secret that Alan Tudyk's popular web series Con Man is based, at least loosely, on his own adventures as an actor. While Wray Nerely (yes, the pun is very much intended) doesn't have the success of Tudyk, having never quite moved on from his cult-hit sci-fi show, "Spectrum," which was canceled after just one season (sounding familiar yet?), the two do still share some experiences on the convention circuit.

Tudyk, of course, has continued his career as a popular actor on TV and in film, in both live-action and voice acting (seen a Walt Disney Animation Studios movie lately? Then you've heard Tudyk's voice). But in what the actor describes as an "absolutely perfect" moment, Wray Nerely nearly had his moment in the spotlight in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, wherein Tudyk starred as the Imperial security droid K-2SO.

While talking about his experiences with Kaytoo in the offices of Industrial Light & Magic, Syfy Wire asked Tudyk if we'd see Wray break it big into a major sci-fi franchise in the future on Con-Man.

"No, I don't think Wray could ever have that much success," Tudyk said with a laugh. He turned to the ILM Animation Supervisor at his side, Hal Hickel, and with a sly smile made his big reveal. "Here's what happened: Wray Nerely had a scene in Star Wars. He played an Imperial pilot, flying a spaceship going through the [shield-gate] lock. It was about them locking it down, and he was involved in that moment. It just didn’t work for the final cut, but I shot it, and I was going to use Wray Nerely as my credit," he said, confirming that he shot it with Wray in mind from the beginning.

Unfortunately, the scene didn't make it in the film, and Tudyk's face is never seen in the final cut. The actor, who performed in motion capture suits and stilts in the movie, is only seen as a CGI robot. But because he had already linked the scene to Wray in his mind, he said it turned out exactly the way it had to.

"It got cut -- as it should be. If Wray Nerely got a shot at [something like Star Wars], he would definitely end up on the cutting room floor," Tudyk said, still chuckling.

For his part, Hickel confirmed the scene and suggested Wray would have a viewing party the day of release only to find out he's been cut. Tudyk closed out completely in character as Wray, with the slight scrunch to the side of his mouth and exasperation in his voice, saying, "What the hell? I was right there! I was in it!"

Head to the official site of Con Man to watch the life of Wray after a short-lived fan-favorite show that's definitely not Firefly (despite it also starring Nathan Fillion as the roguish captain).

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