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Exclusive: Alex Ross announces Marvelocity fine art and book signings for NYCC 2018

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Sep 11, 2018, 3:38 PM EDT

One of the worst kept secrets for comic art fans right now is that Alex Ross is releasing his stellar Marvelocity on October 2, a lavish new coffee table book from Pantheon Books, crammed with an astonishing assortment of Marvel-centric art.

This 312-page edition will be the definitive volume of Ross' Marvel character portraits, covers, sketches, and never-seen illustrations of the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Thor, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Green Goblin, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and legions more.

In the lead-up to New York Comic Con erupting at the Javits Center from October 4-7, Alex Ross Art and SYFY WIRE will be teaming up to deliver a wealth of exclusive offerings from the Midwestern master, featuring limited-edition canvasses, fine art prints, and a galaxy of con-only surprises.

“Every part of comics and artwork is a form of communication with other people — it's not just, 'let me direct my thoughts at you as a dictation' — it's hoping to convince you of how cool a visual or a story could be," Ross explained. "So with every part of a project like this — part storytelling, part graphic impact — you're hoping to relate a sense of energy, urgency, and enthusiasm. I want show that there's a lightening of spirit that comes out of superheroes... it's a visual metaphor for the energy and enthusiasm that can be found in the fun of life.”

For our first strike, Alex Ross Art has unleashed an initial peek at a few of the special events to attend and artwork offerings that will be available for purchase at New York Comic Con.  If planning to attend the event, set your schedule (and budget) accordingly and don't miss out on any of these remarkable fine art renderings.

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Barnes & Noble - Friday, October 5, 2018

Alex Ross Art, Pantheon Books, and Barnes & Noble will host a talk and signing with the legendary Alex Ross and Chip Kidd. This is a free event, but if you'd like a signature, you must purchase a Marvelocity copy from Barnes & Noble. Fans who plan on buying the book are allowed up to two additional personal items signed by Alex Ross and Chip Kidd. Signings will occur at Barnes & Noble in Union Square, 33 E 17th St., New York, NY.

NYCC - Saturday, October 6, 2018

Alex Ross and Chip Kidd will participate in a Marvelocity panel discussion, followed by a signing with Alex Ross. During this must-see panel, Ross will chat about the new book, his artistic process, comic art, and more. Each ticket includes a signed copy of Marvelocity, a limited-edition print of Origins: Black Panther, and the signing of one additional personal item.

Please note that fans do not need a NYCC badge to attend, but tickets must be purchased in advance. For $75, fans will get everything included in the signing, plus a ticket to the panel at 11 a.m. For $65, fans can pass on the panel and simply attend the second signing at 1:30 a.m.  For more info and to buy tickets visit HERE.

foes and villains


Heroes and Foes is a compilation of four illustrations from the long-awaited Marvel Comics retrospective art book, Marvelocity. This quad image features Captain America and Spider-Man alongside Green Goblin and Red Skull, presenting the good and bad angles of the Marvel Universe. These gorgeous Green Goblin and Red Skull images have never been seen before!

This signed, fine art lithograph will be limited to 175 pieces and available at New York Comic Con and online at for $225. Measures 18" W x 24" H. Fans wanting to purchase online are strongly encouraged to sign up for the waitlist HERE.

ross Cap


This bold illustration is a stunning portrait of the Star-Spangled Avenger from the Marvelocity general release cover. Created as part of Ross' “Larger than Life” series, this dynamic piece is a fine art giclée print on Elegance Velvet Canvas limited to 25 pieces for the price of $1,595 each. Measures 19 ¾" W x 30" H.

Signed prints will be available exclusively at New York Comic Con and Fans planning to buy online are urged to join the waitlist HERE.

ross 4-part art


Ross fans and art collectors will be enticed by this new line of individual Marvelocity canvases, which will be available at NYCC in very limited quantities. Each canvas features a powerful portrait of a classic Marvel hero: Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

These pieces will be offered as fine art giclée prints on Elegance Velvet Canvas, are produced in an edition of 100, and cost $825. Collectors can purchase a full set for a discounted price of $2,475, getting four canvases for the price of three. Measures 17" W x 22" H. Only three of each canvas will be available to purchase online, so fans are strongly encouraged to sign up for the wait list HERE.

Check out more images from this exclusive collection of Alex Ross NYCC artworks in the full gallery below, then tell us which ones you might spring for.