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EXCLUSIVE: All Hell breaks loose in new Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 trailer

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Mar 12, 2019, 3:00 PM EDT (Updated)

All Hell is breaking lose in Ash vs. Evil Dead’s third season. There's plenty of gore, one-liners and dysfunctional family shenanigans to see in our exclusive new teaser for the show's return.

If Ash thought demon possession was scary, wait until he tries his (chainsaw) hand at parenting. Turns out he’s the father of an estranged teenage daughter, Brandy. However, their reunion isn’t all hugs and kisses. A bit of a spitfire herself, it seems Brandy finds it difficult to accept Ash and all the hype surrounding his Deadite-hunting antics — until something wicked comes knocking at her door. Back from the grave to stir up trouble is Evil Ruby.  Assuming the identity of a high-school guidance counselor, Ruby needs Brandy to kill dear old Ash in order to ensure the birth of her ghoulish offspring.

A revigorated Kelly resurfaces with a desire to kick some undead butt, and she’s even recruited fresh blood with the mysterious Dalton, a Knight of Sumeria, who worships the ground Ash walks on. He also causes some tension between Kelly and Pablo.


Meanwhile, the previously resurrected Pablo continues to be jacked up on magic mojo. But, those great powers threaten to consume him. Whether he gives in to his dark side remains to be seen.

If that weren’t enough, audiences can expect decapitations, army tanks and the biggest, most pissed-off Deadite of all. Plus, needless to say, our band of heroes get splattered by buckets and buckets of sticky blood.  

Ash vs. Evil Dead returns for the ultimate battle between good and evil on February 25.