Exclusive: Artwork from Night of the Living Dead 10-title comic line

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Sep 16, 2015, 6:26 PM EDT

The Night of the Living Dead, the night of the George A. Romero and John Russo ghoul -- which came to be known as the modern zombie -- continues in a line of 10 new comic titles, on sale today. 
Published by Double Take (2T), an imprint of videogame company Take-Two Interactive, the so-called "ultimate" NOTLD comics are based in the world created in the 1968 film, which happens to be in the public domain. However, the titles are separate from the classic horror movie and do not involve any of its original creators. Instead, the 2T comics are spearheaded by former Marvel chief Bill Jemas and feature the work of oral storytellers from The Moth Radio Hour -- though some characters from the '68 film, such as Barbra and Johnny, do re-appear in the pages.

The 10-series line includes the titles Home, Honor, Z-Men, Rise, Slab, Spring, Remote, Medic, Dedication and Soul. Each of the first issues are available separately, or in a "Genesis" super pack.

In the following gallery, take a look at some of the artwork from the new line of books, including a map to the Pennsylvania zombie apocalypse, and three exclusive pages from Home. 

Home #1, titled "Lighter Than Air," is written by Michael Coast
, with art by Julian Rowe, Monica Catalano and Javier Mena:

A happy family, a lovely spring evening, and Zombies. 
Home follows a working-class farm family through the events of the zombie apocalypse in western PA. On the night the dead rise, the Foster family has gathered for a quiet Sunday dinner. Oblivious to the horrifying events that will soon unfold, Paul Foster takes his wife and two young children into town, leaving his teenage daughter home alone with her boyfriend. As his small town falls into chaos, Paul has to keep his family together and somehow get back home to his daughter, who is left to fight her own battles.