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Exclusive: Bite into this extended peek at Dynamite's Vampirella: Roses For The Dead

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Jun 27, 2018, 6:56 PM EDT

The bloodsucking beauty from the planet Drakulon is turning 50 in 2019 and she's never been more ravishingly radiant!

Created by Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins, the venomous alien vampire named Vampirella made her shocking 1969 debut in Warren Publishing's famous horror magazine,Vampirella #1. For a half-century she's been bewitching artists, inkers, and colorists in the comics industry with her brutal wit and beguiling looks.

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Dynamite first acquired the Vampirella publishing rights back in 2010 and has been delivering tantalizing comic tales of the fanged temptress ever since in a number of acclaimed deluxe collections, mini-series, one-shots, and cool crossovers.

Now as Dynamite prepares for the horror icon's big 50th anniversary next year, the creative team of artist Joe Michael Linsner and writer Kristina Deak-Linsner is set to strike with a new 4-issue Vampirella mini-series titled, Vampirella: Roses For the Dead.


Here, Vampirella is hot on the hunt for a ruthless sexual predator in order to satiate her deep thirst for fresh blood. She manages to track him down to a seedy nightclub in Philadelphia where her willful cousin, Evily the Witch, blocks her vengeful path. The two nocturnal creatures clash and Vampirella's murderous mission is delayed. Will the two supernatural figures team up to stop his wicked ways or will they destroy each other in the end?

"Vampirella is one of the coolest looking comic characters of all time," Joe Michael Linsner said in a Dynamite press release. "Designed by Frank Frazetta and Trina Robbins, you just can't beat her classic look. I'm going to be giving the art my best shot on this series. The last time I got to draw Vampi was in the crossover, which I wrote as well as drew. This time, I am only the artist, so I can focus on that. My fans know me for rendering beautiful ladies, and this series is full of them!"

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Check out our extended 8-page preview in the full gallery below, then tell us if you'll flap your way into your friendly neighborhood comic shop for a copy when Vampirella: Roses For The Dead #1 drops on Wednesday, June 27.