BOOM! Studios Fraggle Rock #1 Main Cover by Jared Cullum

Exclusive: BOOM! Studios Fraggle Rock #1 preview

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Mar 1, 2018, 1:45 PM EST

BOOM! Studios has brought the magic of Jim Henson’s imagination to comics like Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth: Coronation through its Archaia imprint, and they’ve just made every ‘80s kid’s dream come true with the upcoming Fraggle Rock series.

You know the Fraggles. You know the songs. You know how Madam Heap can share indispensable wisdom like the importance of wearing pants. The curious, fun-loving, eccentric (in the best way possible), and often hilarious Fraggles that dance their cares away and steal radishes from the Gorgs’ garden have now been immortalized in this limited four-issue series, which will be available in May on the BOOM! Studios webstore or via the BOOM! Studios app, your local comic book store, and sources including comiXology, iBooks, and Google Play.

“Each issue of the series will tell an entirely new story that could fit right in alongside any episode of the TV series," series editor Cameron Chittock exclusively told SYFY WIRE about how the series is hingeing off the original Fraggle Rock TV series that enchanted so many of us. “Hopefully they feel fresh and exciting while still capturing the magic of the show.”

BOOM! Studios Fraggle Rock #1 Main Cover by Jared Cullum

Fraggle Rock #1 Main Cover by Jared Cullum. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Every standalone adventure will be told by a unique voice, starting with a story whimsically written and illustrated by Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 2017 Special alum Jared Cullum. Mokey, whose dreamy eyes usually mean she’s lost in a daydream haze of poetry and art, feels suddenly and strangely uninspired. She needs her friends to help her unearth her creativity from under any rock or flower or crystal it can be found.

Fraggles are expressive creatures. From paranoid, laundry-obsessed Boober to indecisive Wembley to inquisitive explorer Gobo and hyper-energetic Red, there is something undeniably human about the rainbow of thoughts and feelings behind those wide-eyed faces.

“To me, one of the great achievements of the TV show is how quickly you can understand the characters and fall in love with their different personalities,” Chittock said. “Sometimes, the best way to show off those personalities is to put one particular Fraggle in a conflict and see how the others respond to help their friend. That's the case in Issue #1 where Mokey has lost her inspiration for art. It's a Mokey-centric issue, but it brings out great moments with the other characters, too. Plus a character fans won't expect.”

Fraggle Rock #1 takes you underground with a beautifully watercolored front cover by Jared Cullum, and a connecting subscription cover brought to life by Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring’s Jake Myler. Each 8” x 8” issue will have a connecting subscription cover variant. Depending on your comic book store, you could find some hidden treasure, because an orderable fifth cover will ship with #4 to retailers who order all four subscription covers.

Could the unexpected character who is Mokey’s inspiration be Gobo, plucking at his mandolin on both covers? Or Red, who can recharge anyone with her unbounded energy? Or even Madam Heap?

“Fraggle Rock was an exceptionally unique show where the characters were never two-dimensional. They have authentic feelings, character flaws, and learned, as we do in life, through stumbling to the right decision in a very immersive and connective way,” said Cullum. “It will always resonate with our hearts.”

Fraggle Rock #1 Connecting Variant Cover by Jake Myler

Fraggle Rock #1 Connecting Variant Cover by Jake Myler. Credit: BOOM! Studios

As Uncle Traveling Matt, who intrepidly ventured beyond Fraggle Rock into what at least the Fraggles call Outer Space, famously quoted, “The magic is always there, as long as we keep looking for it.”

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