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Exclusive: Boom!'s Cameron Chittock on Cible the worm inching into Labyrinth: Coronation

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Aug 20, 2018

Informally known as 'Ello the worm and only appearing briefly in Jim Henson's 1986 fantasy film, Labyrinth, this tiny tufted creature with the fine manners and friendly attitude toward Jennifer Connelly's Sarah immediately struck a nerve of acute cuteness.

His plucky spirit and diminutive size were onscreen for just under two minutes, but the polite worm captured the hearts of millions who never forgot the miniature magic, and caused myriad minds to wonder just what having a cuppa tea with "the missus" might really be like.

Inspired by 'Ello and eager to explore more of Henson's imaginative world, Boom! Studios is introducing a brave new worm named Cible to its 12-issue Labyrinth: Coronation title, written by Simon Spurrier (Power of the Dark Crystal, Coda) and paired with art by Daniel Bayliss (Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Dragons).

Check out SYFY WIRE's exclusive chat with series editor Cameron Chittock and a first peek at the character concept art by Bayliss, along with an early look at the interiors in the full gallery below. Answer the call to adventure with the sword-carrying Cible, and be rewarded with the untold story of the Goblin KIng.

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It all begins in Labyrinth: Coronation #6, dropping into comic shops on Wednesday, Aug. 22, with the debut appearance of a hilarious goblin revolutionary who will aid young Jareth's mother, Maria, on her epic quest to retrieve her stolen child from the goblins. Cible represents a massive in-canon addition to the Labyrinth mythology, and her companionship to Maria is something readers should be swiftly absorbed by.

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The 'Ello worm is an adorably popular character appearing in Jim Henson's Labyrinth fantasy film. What did creators Si and Daniel hope to capitalize on by introducing this hilarious new protagonist, Cible, into the official mythology?

Cameron Chittock: I've always loved that the worm became a fan favorite despite only really appearing in one brief scene. But it's such a fun scene! In Labyrinth: Coronation, our goal is always to introduce entirely new characters and challenges for our hero to come across, but the worm was the one creature type from the film we couldn't resist exploring from a new angle. When Simon sent over his ideas for the character, we immediately fell in love with her spirit and the juxtaposition of her stature and ambitions. And Daniel's design, with that glorious hat and her hair sticking out like a plume, sealed the deal. I could go on and on about the brilliant work those two are doing in this series, but Cible is a personal favorite.


How are the Henson properties like Power of the Dark Crystal, Beneath The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth: Coronation handled differently than other Boom! licensed properties?

CC: We approach every license with a passion for the property and commitment to telling the best possible stories. The Henson projects are no different. Everyone working on these titles, whether it's the editorial team or the creators, have such admiration for Jim's work and the vibrancy of these properties. We're always pushing each other to ensure we live up to their legacy. It's easy for that to feel like pressure, but the folks at the Henson company are so supportive and collaborative that working on these titles is an incredibly rewarding creative endeavor. Hopefully we're telling stories that resonate with fans and further their appreciation for what Jim and his collaborators created. Because even all these years later, you look at The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and the ambition and craft required to make those films is just inspiring.

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Where will we see Cible in upcoming issues, and what can readers expect as this quirky worm's destiny with Maria unfolds?

Cible is Maria's final companion on her quest to recover her child, and we'll learn more about her backstory and what role she might yet play. But I'm particularly excited for fans to see how she gets along with Skubbin. Those two are quite the pair, and it's safe to say the wannabe revolutionary and the wannabe knight won't always see eye to eye (and not just because of the height difference).

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