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Exclusive: Brainiac makes himself known in new clip from tonight’s Krypton

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May 2, 2018, 12:21 PM EDT (Updated)

It might’ve started out on a bit of a slow burn, but SYFY’s Krypton is barreling through a fascinating adventure positively steeped in DC Comics lore. In an exclusive clip from tonight’s new episode, the threat of Brainiac becomes all too real.

The scene picks up on a meeting between the Voice of Rao (Blake Ritson) and Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan), where the city’s supreme leader has a few questions about that recently botched assassination attempt. The fact that he’s all infected by Brainiac doesn’t help matters. Vex clearly notices the Voice of Rao is acting a bit odd, and when he starts condescending to humanity itself, it’s clear something is wrong.

From there, things take a darker turn — and Brainiac makes it clear that he’s coming for the people of Krypton. 

"Transformation," the seventh episode of Krypton's season, airs tonight on SYFY. Check out the exclusive clip below:

Blake Ritson brings some deep menace to the role of Brainiac-thru-Rao, and it seems that, at least for now, Brainiac’s agent ruling the city of Kandor will be more than enough of a threat for Seg and the gang. The episode itself will find Daron-Vex tasked with punishing the conspirators behind the attempted coup (complicated by the fact that he was actually involved), while Lyta and Dev go after Jayna. 

Krypton is more than halfway through its 10-episode freshman season (the finale, dubbed “The Phantom Zone,” is set to air May 23), and the show is absolutely reveling in its Superman and DC Comics connections. From time-travel twists to Doomsday and even General Zod, this show is evolving into one of the most ambitious comic book shows on television.

Krypton airs Wednesday nights on SYFY.

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