Bree Turner on Grimm

Exclusive: Bree Turner on why you should binge all 123 Grimm episodes in one weekend

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

Actress Bree Turner doesn't mince words. She misses having the "best job" on television when it comes to NBC's Grimm, even if it means running through the dark, wet, cold woods late at night being chased by a scary monster after an 18-hour day.

On Grimm, Turner plays Rosalee Calvert, an apothecary Fuchsbau (a fox like Wesen) who runs a spice shop with her husband, Monroe. The actress and dancer has appeared in films (Jewtopia, Smashed, Austin Powers), television shows (The Mentalist, Masters of Horror, Ghost Whisperer) and in dance productions, including being a backup dancer for Cher.

But mostly she's known by Grimm audiences as Monroe's beloved Rosalee. In this exclusive interview, Turner talked about all things Rosalee, why she both loved and hated filming nights in the woods, and what we can expect in the final episodes. Oh, yeah. And she has a little challenge for anyone who hasn't been keeping up with Grimm.

I know you can't tell us too many specifics, but what do we have to look forward to for the final episodes?

Bree: I literally can't tell you, but I also can't tell you how satisfying the last two episodes are. It's a two-parter, the last two episodes, and it's just every emotion one can have with experiencing the finale. It was also just poetic to say goodbye to everyone and our life here [in Portland]. It was very dramatic honestly, the script, and then we had this crazy snow ice storm hit during our finale, which just made everything feel very epic and dramatic. We came in like a lamb and out like a lion, for sure.

Last week Bitsie Tulloch said we should grab out tissues for the last two episodes.

Bree: Oh, that's what Bitsie said? Yeah, there is a lot going on. There's sadness, excitement, but we always sprinkled it with our Grimmish ... like that light Grimm vibe is able to come in every time it gets a little too bleak. There is something that comes in and brings a little levity which we still achieve in the finale.

Bree Turner on Grimm

What else can we expect in other upcoming final episodes?

Bree: In "Tree People" coming up ... our creature in that is one of our best practical effect creatures that we've had on the series. Barney Burman, who does all our makeup special effects, just created this gorgeous prosthetic full body cast for our creature and a lot of it is CGI and a lot of it is, you get a face or an arm or a neck prosthetic. But our actor Doug Tate, who played our creature in "Tree People," he's also like 6' 6". And so it was just one of those moments ... it was Silas and David and Reggie and Russell and I were in the middle of the woods. It's the middle of the night. It was actually our last warm stretch before our brutal winter came, and so it was really pleasant out and we had Doug in this crazy creature costume chasing us in the woods.

There was no imagination that needed to be happening, like this guy was really chasing us and we were really in the woods and it was really freaky. But then we looked at each other and we're like, "This is the best job." (laughs) Yes, it's late and it's cold and it's wet and it's like we've been here for 18 hours, but I've got to say in terms of play and imagination, there has been no greater gift in my career than Grimm, in terms of just being in this genre. The make-believe aspect of what we get to do on the show is so fun. That episode coming up was just a highlight for me on the show in the last six years of just how lucky we are to do what we get to do.

In last week's episode Rosalee got to be the hero when she saved the Grimm gang from the Cupid Wesen. It was a fun episode. At one point she said, "You're messing with a pregnant woman!"

Bree: Yeah, Rosalee saves the day.

She's saved the day many times, but usually with a potion of some kind. It's Nick or one of the others who usually kick's ass. But if it wasn't for Rosalee things would not have gone well for the Grimm gang.

Bree: Wu would have been off a cliff. We would have strangled each other in the hall. It was pretty wacky. I'm so glad we got that. It was like, every long-running series has their big Hawaii episode, like they do in every episode from the '70s. And so I feel like ours was the Columbia Gorge! It wasn't Hawaii, couldn't afford that. But we went to the Columbia Gorge and it was like camp. We were there for a week. We ended up having to stay out there. It was so far away and we were shooting so early. It was like a little vacation for everyone. I feel like every season there is at least one or two just more joyful episodes. And so it's fun. It was nice to take a break from all the death and destruction and just go out and have a good time. I mean, it's Grimm.

Well. there had to be some death and destruction.

Bree: Someone had to die, it just wasn't going to be any of us. So that's good.

Bree Turner on Grimm

What has Rosalee meant to you?

Bree: I am in love with Rosalee. I'm so proud of her and her journey and her growth from season one to season six, just as a woman, as a person, professionally ... and her courage and compassion is just one of my favorite parts about her. She came on the scene broken and lost and insecure with her abilities and her place in this world with Grimms, wesen, sharing sides. And then through the years she's just become one of the best apothecaries in her community and found the love of her life. That relationship is so beautiful, so supportive, so equal, so balanced and just a great example of a relationship. We've loved representing that.

With Rosalee being pregnant right now with possibly three babies, it seems likely we might see the babies born. Too bad we won't get to see Rosalee and Monroe parenting due to the amount of time left in the series.

Bree: That's not going to happen (laughs), but there is an episode coming up pretty quick where some things are addressed in a very creative way. And I will say Silas and I can both confidently say we have never done what we did together on that episode before. Well, we can check that professional box. So that's coming up soon.

What's the one story involving Rosalee that never got told, that you wish had been told?

Bree: I know what it is. I feel like we have so many stories to tell on Grimm. Sometimes things have to go by the way side. I would have liked to have seen Rosalee's political career. I think in terms of the resistance, and her father and her brother were part of the resistance and on the council. And we saw a lot of that in season two and three. And I would have liked to have seen Rosalee the activist, maybe more. I feel like it's very much a part of how the writers wrote for her in terms of her activism and her compassion for the disenfranchised in her community. And I would have liked to have explored that more and maybe had her be president of the council.

She would have been a force to be reckoned with as president ... For you what's been the biggest challenge in doing Grimm?

Bree: Probably the exterior night rain element. Like I said there is something exciting about it because when its night and it's outside and it's raining, it's really happening and we are really out there doing it. And so as an actor it's a really exciting way to work. But I would say our crew, I mean, they are out there. I get to go back to my nice warm trailer and our crew is out there for, we do 18 hours a days and it takes a toll on your body and in your focus. I have to say the fact that we still never compromised on the quality of what we were doing is pretty amazing, because at that point in a lot of ways, you just want to get it done so you can get warm. But because it's a mostly local crew, I mean everyone is also pretty tough and they got the gear on and they are setting up cranes and lights and sets outside in like the swamp basically, and it's incredible. I feel like our crew is just some of the toughest, hardest, working men and women I've ever worked with and I would say that definitely was probably the most challenging thing on the show.

Bree Turner on Grimm

What's been the biggest surprise, the best thing about been on the show ... the thing you weren't expecting?

Bree: How in love with this city I am. I had never been to Portland. I have never been to Oregon. It has taken my heart. So much of not just the show ending but my life in Portland ending is just as much of a blow. The city is magical. It's special and just the support we've had filming here with the show has been a once in a lifetime experience and none of us have ever taken it for granted. There is not one bad apple in this bunch and everyone has been so grateful, and we're aware of how lucky we've had it up here. I think the city is so much a part of what's made Grimm special.

What's next for you?

Bree: Well, honestly it's re-inventing my life a little bit. I've had two children since I've been on this show (laughs). We permanently relocated up here and now we're just really in the process of making changes for my family. So I'm focusing on that right now. There is always work out there and I'm not worried about it. I'm enjoying this little respite between jobs, especially as an actor in LA. I've just been a working actor for so long. You get in that mode of hopping from one job to the next and not really allowing yourself the space to reflect and recharge. I'm actually really doing that this time. I feel like I deserved it.

If somebody as never seen Grimm or gotten behind, why should they catch up and watch the show now?

Bree: Because Grimm is undefinable and that's what I've always liked about our show. We're not really a procedural. We're not really a drama. We're not really a horror. We're not really a comedy. We're kind of a mix bag of all the genres put together. And I think that's what makes our show really fun because right when you think you've nailed what our show is we'll throw you a curve ball and it's something different. So I think it's unique and I think people should definitely binge 123 episodes straight in one weekend. (laughs)

Now that would be some weekend.

Bree: I challenge a person to do that. (laughs)

Grimm airs on Fridays at 8PM on NBC ... at least for a few more weeks.

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