Exclusive: Brian Blessed talks about his love of Flash Gordon in clip of documentary Life After Flash

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Dec 8, 2017, 1:00 PM EST

Actor Brian Blessed was perfectly suited for the role of Prince Vultan in the 1980 film Flash Gordon — and not just because his stentorian voice can make any line majestic. It’s because Blessed loved Flash Gordon so much, he used to pretend to be Vultan when he was a boy.

In this clip of the upcoming documentary Life After Flash, courtesy of producer Lisa Downs, we learn that Flash Gordon had real impact on Blessed: "Flash Gordon had more effect on us as schoolchildren than anything else in cinema."

Flash Gordon is the savior of the universe, says Queen in the theme song for the 1980 film. But before that film premiered, Flash had been saving us in comic strips, radio, television, and in 1930s serials. It was the serials starring Buster Crabbe that inspired Blessed and his friends.

Perhaps it was the connection to his childhood. Perhaps it was the license given him by director Mike Hodges. But Blessed said that when it came to working on Flash Gordon, "Never have I known such artistic happiness and freedom."

Life After Flash currently has no release date, but Downs said, "We're speaking to distribution agents now." The documentary will be appearing in upcoming film festivals.