Exclusive: The cast of The Expanse on bringing Syfy back to space

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Jul 15, 2015

Syfy (Blastr's corporate parent - Ed.) has been making a lot of noise about returning to space, lately, with Dark Matter and Killjoys getting the ball rolling. The flagship property, however, is The Expanse, the adaptation of the novels by James S.A. Corey (the pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), was a hot property in the development phase and has been something fans of space opera have been keeping an eye on as it makes its transition to television. With the pilot screening at Syfy's The Expanse panel, this year's San Diego Comic-Con was something of a coming-out party for the show, but for us, it was a chance to get to know some of the faces that'll be bringing our favorite characters to life. Check out our interviews below with Wes Chatham (Amos Burton), Cas Anvar (Alex  Kamal), Dominique Tipper (Naomi Nagata), and Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala) about what we can expect from their characters, Belters vs. residents of the inner planets, and how to act in zero gravity. 

Check it out below.

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