Exclusive: Chantelle Barry is Roku in Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe clip

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Mar 25, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Valiant Comics have prided themselves on doing something different, building their outreach slowly and being well-thought-out with everything. It's worked very well for them. Take notice of how they’re launching the live-action adaptation of their comic book universe in Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe. This will be Valiant’s first exclusive digital series and will be six episodes where the deadly Ninjak will confront all of Valiant’s major superheroes, like Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, Livewire, and many more.

When Roku the cutthroat assassin exploits the weakness of MI-6’s most potent intelligence operative, Colin King, aka Ninjak, she forces him on the run and turning on his friends. One by one, Ninjak goes toe to toe with all of the Valiant heroes, with each successive battle topping the one prior. 


The series is written by by Aaron Schoenke, Joe Harris, and Andrew Rowe, with Aaron and Sean Schoenke of the Bat in the Sun / Super Power Beat Down YouTube fame. Playing Valiant’s heavy hitters are Michael Rowe (Arrow) as Colin King/Ninjak, Jason David Frank (Power Rangers) as Bloodshot, Derek Theler (Marvel’s New Warriors) as X-O Manowar, John Hennigan (Glow) as The Eternal Warrior, Ciera Foster (Two and a Half Men) as Livewire, Damion Potier (True Blood) as Shadowman, Craig Robert Young (The Last Ship) as British MI6 Agent Neville Alcott, and finally Alex Meglei (Divergent) and Kevin Porter (Dodgeball) respectively as Archer & Armstrong. There was a teaser trailer that dropped earlier.

Fans will have to wait just a few days before the exciting first full trailer will drop, but SYFY WIRE has an exclusive clip of the trailer of never-before-seen footage to share and an introduction by cast member and Australian pop star Chantelle Barry, who plays the series’ main villain, Roku (see above), who many Valiant readers will know from Matt Kindt’s epic run on Ninjak.