Exclusive: Child’s Play creator Don Mancini confirms a Chucky TV series is 'on the horizon’

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Jun 28, 2018, 2:28 PM EDT

It’s official — the Child’s Play franchise is headed for the small screen. After franchise creator Don Mancini teased on Twitter last week that Chucky, the foul-mouthed murderous doll at the center of the Child’s Play film franchise, may be getting his own TV show, he confirmed that news to SYFY WIRE at the 44th annual Saturn Awards.

“Yes. Yes, there is a Chucky TV series on the horizon,” admitted Mancini, who was honored at the celebration last night in Burbank, California, with the Special Achievement Award.

He hastened to add, however: “That’s all we can say.” 

Jennifer Tilly, star of the Chucky films, agreed. “He can’t say much about it,” the actress told SYFY WIRE. When asked if there was a part in the series for Tilly — who has appeared in four of the films as Chucky’s wife Tiffany Valentine and also as herself — she joked: “I’m pretty sure, but I think he’s stringing me along, so I’ll hang out with him and go places with him.” But Mancini himself chimed in with a resounding "Yes!"

Starting in 1988 with the slasher film Child’s Play, the franchise has currently produced seven films over 30 years. The most recent, Cult of Chucky, was a low-budget, straight-to-video release that came out in 2017.