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Exclusive clip: Elastigirl proves why she's a superhero for the ages

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Oct 16, 2018, 9:01 AM EDT

For a good decade, it was looking like Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) of The Incredibles (2004) was going to be an OG superhero for the ages, setting the bar for female hero representation with her single big-screen adventure. But luckily for everyone, director Brad Bird and Pixar brought Mrs. Parr and her entire super-family back this year in Incredibles 2.

While a lot of superheroes have come and gone over the years, Helen Parr still remains one of the cinematic standard bearers when it comes to showing a well-rounded female superhero who can save the world and take care of her family with equal prowess.

In preparation for Incredibles 2 dropping on digital on Oct. 23 and Blu-ray on Nov. 6, SYFY WIRE has this exclusive clip from Disney Home Video's upcoming release that reminds us why Elastigirl is so epic:

And check out our earlier interview this year with Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson about what makes Helen and Bob Parr so enduring as a super-couple.