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Exclusive clip: Time travel flick Time Freak starring Sophie Turner, Asa Butterfield

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

It's normal after a bad breakup to wonder what exactly went wrong, and wish you could go back in time to fix it. In the new exclusive clip from the upcoming sci-fi rom-com Time Freak, the lovelorn sadsack Stillman (Asa Butterfield) is looking to do just that. 

Much like the film's trailer revealed last month, Stillman is deep in mourning after breaking up with his girlfriend, Debbie (Sophie Turner). So, after dwelling on (presumably while sulking around in his bathrobe), he puts his prowess in the field of physics and aims to go back in time and fix his broken relationship. 

As Stillman readies his time machine, which looks like the fancy listening room in some upscale big box store, he convinces his best friend Evan (Syler Gisondo) to go back with him. Together, he convinces him that they can totally Quantum Leap their lives and put right what once went wrong. 

The film marks a lighthearted departure for two genre staples. Turner, of course, will be closing out Game of Thrones' final season, as well as taking the lead role in the upcoming X-movie Dark Phoenix. Meanwhile, Butterfield has appeared in everything from Hugo to Ender's Game. He's also lending his voice to the upcoming outer space adventure Watch the Skies

Will the love between Debbie and Stillman stand the test of... time? We won't know until Time Freak hits theaters on November 9. If you aren't able to catch it there, not to worry, it's getting a VOD release on the same-day.

You can also check out the poster below!

Time Freak poster