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Exclusive: Creator Jeff Davis promises there will be war in the final episodes of Teen Wolf

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Aug 20, 2017, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)


As MTV's Teen Wolf enters the final stretch of its run, creator Jeff Davis wants you to know that what's come before for Scott McCall and his pack have just been battles. With just six weeks and seven episodes left, our heroes are headed for war, says Davis in this exclusive interview.

Davis (Criminal Minds, War of the Worlds) chats with SYFY WIRE about last week's big onscreen death, why things are getting romantic for some of the characters, and why he decided to wrap up the show the way it's going to end.

MTV airs back-to-back episodes of Teen Wolf tonight, with "Face-to-Faceless" at 8 p.m. ET and "Pressure Test" at 9 p.m. ET. Adding further excitement, star Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski, is making his directorial debut in the first episode. Check out the interview below, and then let us know if you'll be watching.

With only a few episodes left, are we going to be sad when it's all over?

Yes. Sad, but in a good way too. We had a great run.

You've got lots of stuff going on. Gerard's back, the terrifying faceless body, a new hunter, a shocking death, the number 68, romances, and there's been some kissing going on. What do you want to tell us about what we have to look forward to in these final episodes?

Possibly one more shocking death. The return entrance of some fan favorites are coming up. And Episode 15 is kind of a bottle episode. It's called “Pressure Test.” It's a siege on the Sheriff's station. We call it our To Kill A Mockingbird episode. It's very intense.

MTV's Teen Wolf

What's involved in trying to wind this up? And how did you approach pulling together a satisfying conclusion to the series?

Approaching the series finale was difficult. It was definitely a challenge. I had to think about all the many characters we had. We collectively decided who we were going to bring back, who would the fans most like to see. There were hard decisions to make. But hopefully the fans will be satisfied by the end.

Stiles ... Stiles ... Stiles ...

Yes, Stiles ... The hard part about that was contending with a budding movie star's schedule. It wasn't easy. As you get into the final seasons of the TV show people start branching out. They start doing other projects and you have to contend with that.

You also killed off one of your main characters with Brett, and possibly Lori. I wasn't sure if she died.

They're both dead.

Okay then.

The director, Tim, his daughter plays Lori, and he pleaded with me to not kill her off. And I said, “No, no, she's got to die.” I think what he slipped in that scene was a flicker of movement under her eye so we could possibly bring her back later on. But there is no later on. The show's over.

Maybe for the next Teen Wolf series.

We'll see.

Why did you feel it was necessary to kill off Brett and Lori at this point?

You've got werewolf hunters who are threatening, and you've got to raise the stakes. You've got to make the threat real. What it also did narratively was those two were closer to Liam and he couldn't help but expose himself in front of a lot of people, and that becomes a huge issue in the next episode when he goes back to school.

The whole idea of exposing the werewolves to the ordinary humans of Beacon Hill is a really interesting way to go, really unique. 'Cause this changes the world if suddenly everyone knows that werewolves and chimeras and the rest exist.

Yeah. It become this problem of the last half of the season, which is not only are the people afraid and suspicious of Scott, and not only are Scott and his friends becoming pariahs, but there's a creature out there taking full advantage of it because it feeds off fear, and that's something they also have to battle.

The faceless creature ...

The faceless creature is just one part of it. You'll see the rest of it later on.

MTV's Teen Wolf

I thought that scene in the morgue was some of the scariest stuff you've done on the series.

You know, the director of that episode was Tyler Posey, and he brought a lot of style to it and made it scary. He knows his stuff.

The other big development involved the romances on the show with Scott and Malia, and Melissa and Argent.

We're trying to ease into the Scott and Malia of it. We wanted to see a gradual understanding as if it almost crept up on them and they didn't quite realize what was happening. And with Argent and Melissa we're getting into what the kiss from last season meant. These are parents, that we've talked about a lot in the writers' room, and since this is the last season of the show we thought: What haven't we done, what feels right to us, and what maybe could we go for?

I think it's about time, really.

(Laughs) Everybody deserves a little love.

So what was your biggest challenge in winding this up?

One challenge was figuring what this season would be about. We've done all these different mythologies. How do we bring the focus back to Scott McCall? We had Season 6A really be quite a bit about Stiles, and kind of a sendoff to Stiles. And we thought, “Well, we're not going to be able to have Stiles, Dylan O'Brien, so let's bring it back to Scott and see what we can do.” So the idea was to focus on his character and to give him not just one last battle to fight, but a war. And that's what's happening, a war.

What would you like to say to fans?

The biggest thing to fans is thank you for making this show such a pleasure to write. And thank you for coming up to us at Comic-Con and telling us how much you love the show, and for making it so meaningful to all of us to make. I never thought this show would go more than 50 or 60 episodes. It's all because of the fans that it's gone to 100.

Can't wait to see what you do next, Jeff.

Hopefully, it will be something with MTV. We gave War of the Worlds with MTV, so that may be something big. We'll see.

Teen Wolf airs on MTV on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Here's a look at tonight's Teen Wolf:

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