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Exclusive: Cullen Bunn drops a dangerous new drug in Boom!'s Bone Parish #1

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Jun 20, 2018, 5:40 PM EDT

Cullen Bunn, the comic creator who's best known for a number of high profile projects like IDW's Micronauts and Baron Karza, Oni Press' The Sixth Gun, Dark Horse's Harrow County, and Marvel's Monsters Unleashed, Darth Maul, and Magneto, has an uncanny knack for refreshing stories that bend the boundaries of conventional comic book fare.

Besides these larger projects, he's also been associated with more intimate supernatural properties like Dark Ark, The Unsound, and Unholy Grail.

In a brilliant burst of words and illustration, Boom! Studios is set to release Bunn's latest paranormal effort, Bone Parish #1, on July 25.


This stimulating horror offering, paired with steamy, atmospheric art by Jonas Scharf (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) should send shivers of delight to fright fans everywhere. With distinct elements of Sons of Anarchy, Animal Kingdom, and Breaking Bad, mixed with a fresh dimension of zombie terror, Bone Parish is unlike anything you'll see on the racks all year.

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In Bunn's addictive plot, a freaky new drug concocted with the ashes of the dead is sweeping through the dark boulevards of New Orleans. Brutal turf wars are being waged over who will control the limited supply while the demand rises exponentially. As conflicting factions continue to clash over the distribution of "The Ash," rabid users begin to experience nightmarish visions of the dead returning to life—through them.

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Bunn and Scharf spoke with SYFY WIRE to explain the origins of this frightening new series and offer up some hints as to where the cautionary tale is headed and where to score "The Ash."

"When talking about this kind of story, we often reference crime families," said Bunn. "It’s a dynamic I’ve always liked, but I really wanted to elevate it, especially for a story such as this. I wanted every member of this family to be related by blood. Family relations can be stressful when business is involved and agendas are different. That’s without the added complexity of criminal activities. Throw in the supernatural, and you’ve got a powder keg. I wanted to explore what it might take to tear a close family apart and what it would take to keep them together."

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Reflecting the style and tone of the book's artwork, Scharf dissected the process of complementing Bunn's strange and alarming story.

"It is always both a challenge and very exciting to start on a new series," added Scharf. "Getting a feel for the story and the characters, doing research and creating a backdrop for our characters to live in is a lot of fun. Cullen's scripts have been very vivid and descriptive, which not only helps me come up with environments, but also opens my mind up to new storytelling ideas.

"Part of the challenge has been to, visually, separate the everyday world from the more trippy and surreal scenes in the story by using different techniques and textures. The coloring and the lettering by Alex and Ed also plays a huge part in that. Seeing the entire team come together, adding their own vision and ideas to the project, is really inspiring for me as an artist and I cannot wait for people to experience the world of Bone Parish!"

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SYFY WIRE has an exclusive 4-page preview of Boom!'s Bone Parish #1 in the full gallery below. Venture in if you dare, then tell us if this looks like something you must have when it hits the streets on July 25.