Astro Hustle #1 Variant
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Astro Hustle #1 Variant by Tom Reilly

Exclusive: Dark Horse sets Jai Nitz's disco-era sci-fi miniseries Astro Hustle, featuring a trouble-making Asian lead

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Dec 14, 2018

What's better than the awkward and cheesy 1980's era of science fiction full of bad hair and synth music? I'll tell you. The 70's. Movies like Logan's Run, Demon Seed, Rollerball and THX 1138 are just some of the wild and crazy classics born out of the time of hippies, disco balls and the counter-culture movement. SYFY WIRE can officially reveal Jai Nitz is going to attempt to recapture that dazzling era of fiction in a new four-issue miniseries called Astro Hustle for Dark Horse Comics. Tom Reilly is the artist, with Usula Decay on colors and Crank! as the letterer.

Astro Hustle stars cosmic criminal Chen Andalou, the black sheep of one of the galaxy's most prestigious families. After being accidentally stuck in cryo-stasis for 60 years Chen wakes up, discovering that his younger brother is the president of the galaxy and picks up where he left off, by causing trouble.

Astro Hustle Promo Art

Astro Hustle Promo Art by Tom Reilly, Usula Decay and Crank

 "When I was a kid, Star Wars came out and it flipped the entertainment world upside down," Nitz exclusively told SYFY WIRE. "Suddenly, every studio and TV network wanted a sci-fi show." He continued that the other culture craze that was sweeping across the globe was disco, which was crammed into a lot of film with the strange blend of Disco sci-fi.

"That morphed into an early-80s leg-warmers-and-headbands sci-fi. I have a great affinity for that time period; a lot of those shows and movies are what shaped my creative mind,” Nitz said.

Astro Hustle #1 Cover

Astro Hustle #1 Cover by Tom Reilly

Under all of that big hair, Astro Hustle is going to touch on relatable themes such as legacy, politics, expectations of family, and being the black sheep. A lot of the power of these themes come through in the art being able to convey these messages while entertaining amidst the bizarre motif. It also features an Asian male lead, which doesn't happen often, so it's cool whenever you see it in something this fun and grand.

"Astro Hustle has a giltzy Liberace-big-hair-and-bling sci-fi veneer, but Tom Reilly has taken my idea to the next level.  He's bringing depth, mood, and sophisticated sequential storytelling to something that could've been very shallow,” says Nitz of his art team, as both Reilly and Decay are newcomers. So Crank and Nitz are leading by. example, but each have a stake and contribution in putting forth a standout book. 

Astro Hustle #1 Variant

Astro Hustle #1 Variant by Tom Reilly

Readers will be able to pre-order Astro-Hustle through their comic shops soon and will be able to purchase it on March 6, 2019.

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