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Exclusive: David Giuntoli claims there will be no 'fairy tale ending' for his Grimm character

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Apr 27, 2017, 11:15 AM EDT (Updated)

With only three episodes left for NBC's Grimm, Nick Burkhardt, the embattled Grimm cop who's fought evil or troubled Wesens for six seasons, will not have a 'fairy tale ending' when the series finally comes to a close, said actor David Giuntoli in an exclusive interview with Syfy Wire. Grimm airs on Fridays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

"Our show is a fairy tale show that wasn't really about fairy tales. And our ending is a fairy tale ending that really isn't a fairy tale ending, but it's a definite ending," said Giuntoli. Giuntoli, who's engaged to co-star Bitsie Tulloch in real life, chatted with Syfy Wire about Grimm's final episodes, why Aunt Marie's prediction in the pilot came true, and why he'd like to know Monroe's real name.

Congratulations on the show. What a great run.

David: You tell me, how did that happen? Isn't it still 2011? What's going on?

Did time seem to go really quick or did it seem like a long time has past?

David: Time is funny, Kathie. Both is the answer. The seconds went long. The years went really quickly. Life will go fastest of all.

That's deep ... How do you feel about where Nick started and where he ends up?

David: I think it's about fitting. When he started, one of the first conversations he had in the pilot was his Aunt Marie telling him, "This is what's going on. This is what your life is going to be. You must not be with Juliette. She's in trouble." And six seasons later everyone who I loved was in peril and it was true. There's no being a Grimm and being a cop with the family. And I think in retrospective seasons, we're watching that prediction coming to fruition.

Grimm - David Giuntoli

How do you feel about the storylines that have played out? Have they surprise you?

David: I couldn't have told you when I booked the pilot that I would be turning into a zombie at any point. Most of the storylines were surprising to me. I think we were lucky to be on a show where I didn't have to play the same character all of the time. I literally turned into different characters, and figuratively, over the course of six years, turned into a slightly different character. So that was really one of the most precious gifts of Grimm. All of the actors, I believe, had complete departures from their standard character traits here and there throughout the seasons. So it's like doing a guest run as another character on your own show. You can't say that about Grey's Anatomy.

There's been an interesting romantic triangle that's been going on with Nick, and it's only got morning interesting lately.

David: You mean with Sasha and Silas ... or are you talking about on screen?

When it comes to Sasha and Silas, I think you better have a chat with Bitsie about that (laughs). Yeah, I'm talking about on screen with Nick.

David: Okay.

It's been really interesting to see Adalind and where she's gone and Juliette/Eve where she's gone, and how suddenly Nick is being pulled back a little bit to former Juliette. So for you as an actor playing this character, what's going on in Nick's mind? Why is he hanging on to that. And what's it like for him to balance being a dad with this romantic triangle?

David: Well, that part is pretty easy. The dad thing came at a point in the story where it was arguably the darkest moment for Nick. I believe it was the end of season four, he found his mother decapitated and Juliette had just turned on me. It was all terrible and I think the introduction of the child really is the only thing that kept him grounded and going. It's the only thing that held me over to want to try to work something out with Adalind. So that's my answer on that front. And then as far as the love triangle, and why is he being pulled back to Juliette/Eve? So many behaviors occurred when a character was suffering the withdrawal effects from some potion or whatever. I mean Eve turned into Eve because of something she did to try to help me. She breathed in this potion through this hat and everything got screwed up. So I think she started to peel back Eve and I see Juliette again.

Grimm - David Giuntoli

Your character probably went through one of the darkest evolutions of a hero on television.

David: Quite possibly. It got worse and worse every season... almost every season.

How much further they can go, in these last three episodes.

David: Really the last two episodes will answer that for you.

I know you can't tell us much, but from what you can tell us, what do we have to look forward to with the final episodes?

David: Well, I think the predictions from Aunt Marie and my mother Kelly more or less come true. And you can watch the fallout of those predictions coming true.

Do you think it's a satisfying ending for people who have been watching the series all along?

David: Oh, yeah. Definitely. It was a satisfying ending to read. I think it will be a satisfying ending for fans.

What challenges have you faced with this last season as an actor?

David: When there's so much tragedy you have to find the levels that your character is going to hit with each tragedy. So that was a calculated choice on my part and you'll see what I'm talking about throughout the final episodes.

Grimm - David Giuntoli

On the flip side, what surprised you in a good way most about the season? The thing you weren't expecting?

David: I think the fact we got a final season was my biggest surprise. We're still going, which is great. How many shows get to do that? There are very few.

Any other surprises?

David: I think the last episode was the biggest surprise but I can't say anything about it.

When you read those final words, what did you think?

David: All of the cast members were sending each other texts on our little text screens that we have of each other and a lot of emojis were being sent.

What is the one story that you think we never got to see through the seasons, that you would have liked to see explored?

David: That's a good question. One I don't have an answer to off the top of my head. I would have liked to see the story of Monroe's actual name, full name and the meaning behind it.

Why should someone catch up with Grimm at this point?

David: I think you see a cast who really love each other. The core cast remains throughout the series and these relationships evolve and become rich and deep and the interplay between the characters just gets better and better.

What's next for you?

David: We'll see. I'm just kind of taking it easy for a second. Getting married. Right now I need life for a little bit. I had long hours for six years.