Exclusive: DC Bombshells' new Wonder Woman Deluxe Figure revealed

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:09 AM EDT (Updated)

For those who like a little retro twist with their comic book superheroines (and super villains), DC Bombshells have just what you're looking for.

The franchise originally kicked off back in 2011, after DC Collectibles discovered artist Ant Lucia's series reimagining DC superheroines in a pin-up style. Since then, it's expanded to not ony include officially licensed memorabilia like art prints and T-shirts - but its own ongoing comic book series. DC Collectibles rolled out their DC Bombshells Harley Quinn deluxe statue last month, and now another famous comic book superheroine is about to get her own.

The official DC Bombshells Wonder Woman deluxe figure from DC Collectibles features an awesomely retro version of Diana of Themyscira that would definitely look at home on any fan's shelf. Based on the art by Ant Lucia, with sculpting by Chris Dahlberg and painting by Kim Dullaghan, the 9" figure includes Diana's sword, shield and the Lasso of Truth at her belt.

The only downside to this new DC Bombshells deluxe figure is that you're going to have to wait to buy it - it's set to go on sale in July 2018. DC Collectibles sent over an exclusive set of images showcasing the figure from all sides, so you can check those out in the gallery below. Proceed with making grabby hands where appropriate.

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