Exclusive: Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse on sonic sunglasses and the bootstrap paradox

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Oct 11, 2015, 6:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Who has been doing some interesting structural work this season, with apparently every episode being divided into two parts. The latest pair of adventures, "Under the Lake/Before the Flood," comes courtesy of writer Toby Whithouse. You may remember Whithouse for previously writing great Who episodes such as "The Vampires of Venice" and "The God Complex," as well being the creator behind Being Human.

Whithouse will be appearing at New York Comic Con this weekend for a  fan screening of "Before the Flood," followed by a Q&A. In anticipation of the event, I had the opportunity to sit down with him for a discussion of the sonic sunglasses, the bootstrap paradox in time travel, and how the Doctor would fare at a con (which Whithouse compares to the Mos Eisley cantina). 

Check out the interview below. Meanwhile, ticketed attendees of NYCC can go to the screening tomorrow, which begins at 7:45 p.m. on the Empire Stage 1-E in the Javits Center.