Exclusive: Early Defiant concept art from the vaults of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Jul 19, 2018, 4:30 PM EDT

Among all the Star Trek goodies on tap at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is the news that Roddenberry Entertainment will open the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine vaults to give fans their first-ever glimpses at some cool behind-the-scenes pieces of DS9 development lore — including this exclusive sneak peek at a key concept sketch for the USS Defiant.

Introduced in Season 3, the Defiant was a usable exotic; a lean, mean, Borg-fighting military machine the Federation produced under the guise of rounding out its fleet of “escort” ships. Outfitted (and initially over-equipped) for battle rather than comfort and accommodation, the purity of the craft’s purpose and function enticed Worf eventually to just move into the Defiant full time. 

Check out Defiant creator Jim Martin’s just-revealed concept sketch:


Rodenberry Entertainment

The Defiant added some mobility to the show’s original premise of keeping the crew largely stationary from one episode to the next aboard Deep Space Nine, eventually getting a chance to shine in episode 79, “Starship Down,” in which it successfully squared off against a pair of hostile Jem'Hadar ships in a far-flung reach of the Gamma quadrant.  

Roddenberry Entertainment revealed at its SDCC panel today that it will continue to share additional fun artifacts from the DS9 creative process, via social media, as part of this year’s 25th anniversary celebration of Deep Space Nine’s 1993 premiere. You can catch all the updates at Roddenberry’s Facebook page, as well as its official website.