Fallout Cookbook Sugar-Bombed Carrots
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Source: Insight Editions

Exclusive: Eat like a Vault Dweller with this sugar-bombed Fallout recipe

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Oct 1, 2018, 10:34 AM EDT

As Fallout 76 gets closer and closer to a next-gen reality for post-apocalyptic RPG fans, you might want to start thinking, planning, and even eating like one of Bethesda's jumpsuit-wearing survivors. And, thanks to editor Amanda Ng and author Victoria Rosenthal, you can.

The pair have written Fallout: The Official Vault Dweller's Cookbooka collection of recipes based on the various nasty and rad-infused foods of the Fallout franchise's wasteland. We at SYFY WIRE now have an exclusive recipe from that book: some sugar-bombed carrots. Upping your perception and your heart rate, these carrots are sure to please difficult kids.

Check it out:

Fallout Cookbook Sugar-Bombed Carrots

Source: Insight Editions

Don't they look enticing? Maybe you just need to fight off some radroaches first to work up an appetite.

"Many of the recipes in the book ended up as everyday recipes with some kind of twist to them," Rosenthal said. "Since the Fallout Universe is both like a time period we’ve moved past and a weird future we are headed towards, I wanted everything to feel familiar but not 100 percent certain."  Some recipes she teases fans to look forward to are "poached angler, radscorpion en croute, radgull power noodles, and mole rat wonder meat dip." These, with a presentation and cooking style inspired by the cookbooks of the 1950s, help make the cookbook a delight -- for Fallout fans, from Fallout fans.

Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook emerges from below ground on Oct. 23.