The Joe Shuster Story- Cover
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Courtesy of Super Genius

Exclusive: Excerpt from The Joe Shuster Story, a new graphic novel about the artist behind Superman

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May 11, 2018

Possibly the most iconic superhero of all time, Superman will soon celebrate his 80-year anniversary. First introduced in the pages of the first issue of Action Comics in June of 1938, the Man of Steel was created by the team of writer Jerry Siegel, and artist Joe Shuster. We've learned an immense amount about Kal-El over the years, but now it's time to learn a little bit more about the artist behind the character. 

A new book will launch on May 15, titled The Joe Shuster Story. Published by Super Genius, the book is not a standard biography by any means. It tells the story of Joe Shuster in a most appropriate way — in the form of a graphic novel. Writer Julian Voloj (Ghetto Brother) and artist Thomas Campi have collaborated on a comic experience about America, ambition, the intersection of art and commerce, and according to the publisher, "the friendship of two young men from Cleveland, whose lives were changed forever following the unexpected and unprecedented success of their iconic creation." 

The Joe Shuster Story- Cover

Courtesy of Super Genius

The book is set to showcase both the light and the dark sides of the comic industry, "from legal disputes, Frederick Wertheim and the comics code, to the unbridled burst and creativity and collaboration that brought forth one of our greatest heroes." Early word on the book is very positive, with Vulture saying that it "should be required reading." The format of the book is also being praised, with Publishers Weekly saying that "the art lends a warmth and beauty to this elegy to two kids chewed up by a system that sees dollar signs and goes in for the kill." 

If you are as excited as we are to check out this new book, the good news is that you can get a sneak peek at it right now. Have a glimpse at our exclusive look at three pages from the new graphic novel— they are sure to have you more than ready for the full story on May 15. 

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