Fear The Walking Dead - Colman Domingo

Exclusive: Fear the Walking Dead's Colman Domingo on Victor Strand

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

Actor Colman Domingo couldn't imagine what his agent was thinking when he sent him to read for Victor Strand on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead when the series was being cast.

"Initially, I didn't even understand the genre, to be honest. I hadn't been a sci-fi fan," said Domingo in an exclusive interview with Syfy Wire. "I just didn't understand the roots of it, in many ways, the genre. But now I have such a clear understanding of how it reflects humanity and why the messages are so deep actually for any genre. So when I got to the audition, I thought, 'Oh, I don't know what my agent was thinking. They're not going to want me do this.' I [should be auditioning for] Shakespeare or comedies and things like that."

But then he read it and "I thought it was so well-written. The first thing I read was the opening monologue for Strand, which was that monologue in the holding cell with Frank Dillane's character, Nick. And I thought it was just so well-structured and beautifully written. And I thought that he was like a master linguist and I couldn't tell is he a villain or a good guy?"

That's a question that many of us contemplated through the first two seasons as the writers peeled back the layers of Strand one by one. Now, if he is a villain, we know he's our villain and we're going to root for him. But what will Strand do when Season 3 commences in June and there's no one around that he truly cares about to fight for?

The writers "leave a lot of room for you to create. For you to develop this character ... you never know what goes on in the writers' room really and in the minds of the creators of the show. You just have to understand all the things that you can do and they sort of challenge you in a way. I think every time we open up a script, it's just amazing the places that you're able to go and what they write for you and they read to your strengths in many ways. So that's a great ride," said Domingo.

Fear The Walking Dead - Colman Domingo

That ride took us and Strand on a treacherous journey to Mexico so he could get back to his lover, Thomas, who died soon after their reunion. He threw his lot in with Madison as they battled hotel walkers and others. By the end of Season 2, Strand suffered a knife wound and deciding to let Madison, Travis and Alicia go on without him so he could stay at the hotel.

"We left Season 2 with everyone sort of scattered, this new blended family with Strand as some sort of odd uncle (laughs). I think that this blended family is now a bit fractured. We were all splintered off as we left. Strand stayed at the Rosarito Beach Hotel ... And I think it's going to be a journey to see whether or not these characters come back together, or how they forge ahead with the lessons that they've learned," he said.

"Towards the end of last season, Strand had a lot of time alone for thinking and healing. But also Strand is, as we know, always someone with a plan ... with a plan A, B, C, D and Z. So I think he's trying to figure out his next step."

Domingo finds it fascinating "to see how life has changed for all of these characters and seeing that somehow they stumble upon each other and then what has changed now. And do they have a kinship because of their recent share of history or the opposite? I think it's a reflection of who we are today and, God forbid, if anything happened, the choices that we have to make. And I think that's why shows like the other Walking Dead and our Walking Dead are so popular. Because we're just trying to answer these questions that we all have that are polarizing us in the world. And then what happens when we must come together?"

We'll find out what the next step is when Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC in June.

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