EXCLUSIVE: First look at the cover to Monsters Unleashed and its ties to Marvel Legacy

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Jul 14, 2017

One of the most iconic locations in the Marvel Universe will play a major role in Marvel Legacy.

The Savage Land, the time- and climate-defying land mass that time forgot, has been a fixture in Marvel storytelling since it debuted in way back in 1965 in X-Men #10. It's also going to be the epicenter for the action in Monsters Unleashed. And continuing our steady stream of reveals from Legacy, SYFY WIRE has your First Look at the cover to Monsters Unleashed #7 from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Andrea Broccardo, which hits comic shops in October.


OK, so the classic numbering angle that Marvel's using for its Legacy initiative doesn't really apply here, but the cover image certainly offers a strong hint that Kid Kaiju and his powers, and their potential for destruction, will factor into the story.

In fact, during an exclusive conversation with SYFY WIRE, Bunn revealed that Kid Kaiju's uncertainty over his powers will be explored. During our conversation, the writer also shared how the Savage Land setting is a central component of the Legacy storyline, as is classic Marvel Monster Fin Fang Foom. He also gives a tantalizing tease about old Foom.

(Speculative Aside: How will The Savage Land connect with the 1,000,00 BC Avengers that are going to debut in the September Legacy one-shot by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic? More importantly, how can it NOT connect? Amirite??)

It's clear by now that Marvel Legacy is a strong push by the publishing company to reconnect with its lush history and use it as a launchpad for its future. That strategy includes some MAJOR reveals that haven’t been made public that have Internet-cracking potential.

But it's also about bringing back classic elements with a twist, like a reunion of a classic 1970s super-team or the revisiting of a classic feud. The Savage Land as the playground for Kid Kaiju and his Monster Quintet obviously fits that bill. Because it’s never not cool to see superheroes in the jungle dealing with a rogue pterodactyl.

Read the interview below, and then hit the comments and tell us which Marvel Legacy titles you’re excited to read in the fall!

Kid Kaiju, which might be the greatest hero name ever, can summon these great creatures that he draws. Will this series be a treasure trove of new monster creations that he conjures up?

Cullen Bunn: There is so much potential for Kid Kaiju's creations (I agree, by the way. Greatest hero name ever ... but I'm biased). There are plenty of monsters in the series, but we might limit new creatures for a while. Kid Kaiju has five new creatures he created from scratch to battle the Leviathan Mother, and they are sticking around. I'd love to explore those creatures a little more before introducing another batch of new creatures. In fact, I really want to dig into the full potential of Kei's powers. He created living, breathing creatures from scratch. That's something to pay attention to. That said, there are some new beasties that Kid Kaiju DIDN'T create, and they'll be showing up throughout the series.


The Savage Land is one of the great settings in the Marvel universe. Seems a perfect place to base a book called Monsters Unleashed. Since Legacy is about embracing the Marvel history with an eye toward the future, what kind of stories can we expect to see?

The Savage Land -- and all the prehistoric bells and whistles that come with it -- plays a HUGE part in the Legacy story. I felt like we really needed to ground the tale somewhere with a long history (or is that pre-history?) in the Marvel Universe. Of course, there will be a twist here, something new that readers will not expect, and it ties into both Marvel's past ... and its future. This is a story that helps cement Monsters Unleashed as an important book in the grand scheme of the Marvel Universe. What happens here will have long-term impact in the Marvel Universe as a whole.

Can we expect to see more callbacks/homages to some of Marvel's past monsters and creatures?

Monsters Unleashed has always been a book that paid homage to the history of Marvel. The first limited series featured a host of classic monsters, for example. This story will focus more on one monster in particular -- Fin Fang Foom. He's arguably the most popular of all the Marvel creatures, so we're giving him the spotlight. But to hint at what we're going to be dealing with, I'll borrow and alter a line of dialogue from one of my favorite giant monster flicks. "Two Fooms? What can it mean?"


You have lots of experience with horror books. Will that influence the tone of Monsters Unleashed?

I love horror, yes, and there are moments where my horror fandom shows in Monsters Unleashed. I do not, however, consider this a horror title. If anything, the horror in this story hinges on the idea that Kid Kaiju doesn't really understand (or even trust) his own powers. He's terrified that he might be one of the greatest threats the world has ever seen. And if he's not in full control of his powers, he may be right.

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