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Exclusive first look: DC writer Sam Humphries teases Harley Quinn's trip to Apokolips

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Jun 8, 2018, 11:33 AM EDT

Harleen Quinzel will be traveling to Apokolips, the homeworld of Darkseid, in the pages of Harley Quinn #45 on July 4. The new DC arc from writer Sam Humphries and artist John Timms will find the classic villain joining the Female Furies, the planet's fiercest warriors led by Granny Goodness.

Humphries and Timms are taking over the run from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and while Apokolips may sound like a weird place for Quinn to be, Humphries assures SYFY WIRE she could not be more comfortable in what is essentially Hell turned into a planet. 

"[She's] like a duck to water," he told SYFY WIRE via e-mail. "Like a kid to Candyland. As far as she's concerned, she's Queen Bad Ass let loose on Planet Buck Wild." He also promises "a lot of murder and butt jokes."

But why send the Joker's paramour into outer space? Where did such a gonzo idea come from? Humphries has the answer for that too:

"John Timms and I get to take one of the biggest, most electric characters in comics and create her next chapter. How awesome is that? We're building on Amanda and Jimmy's amazing, hall of fame run, and diving deep into the new and unexpected," he said. "You're gonna see shades of Harley you've never seen before, you're going to see her places she's never been. We're swinging hard and thinking big. This is the kick off! And how better to signify than than by going to Apokolips?!"

The first three issues under the new management will take place on Darkseid's HQ, with plenty of influence from Kirby, Tank Girl, Looney Tunes, and Ambush Bug, he added. 

DC provided us with an exclusive, unlettered, and uncolored Page #12 from the first issue, which depicts Harley looking upon the infernal lanscape of the planet with glee.

"Page 12 is Harley finding a hot dog in her dirty laundry and eating it anyway," said Humphries.

With that strange piece of context, check it out below:


Credit: DC Comics

You can also expect a bunch of cameos from famous DC characters, as Humphries was asked to "bring her closer into the DCU," since she originated not in the comics, but on Batman: The Animated Series

"I've been given full license to collide her mayhem and absurdity into anyone I want," he said. "No one in the DCU is safe! Issues 48-49 feature one of the greatest Bat Villans of all time. Issue 50 features one of my favorite DCU characters of all time — it's a massive, outrageous story. Harley destroys the central pillar of the DC universe. Already I can promise you've never ever read a comic like it before."

However, Humphries refuses to take all the credit, extolling the artwork of Mr. Timms: "John has been doing some Harley stories for awhile, he's a star for sure, now he's about to kick his way into superstardom. Not just anyone can handle bombastic AND deliver over the top comedy AND convey heartbreaking emotion. Harley requires all three. And John is bringing it, big time."

Head on down to the media gallery for a look at the issue's main cover, by Guillem March, a variant cover by Frank Cho, and the exclusive unlettered page by John Timms.