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Exclusive: Flame Con 2019 dates and location revealed, plus a look at some new Flamies

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Dec 13, 2018, 9:33 AM EST

Flame Con, the biggest LGBTQ comic convention in the world, is coming back for 2019, and today, SYFY WIRE is exclusively announcing the dates and location of Flame Con 2019.

Produced by the LGBTQ nonprofit organization Geeks OUT, Flame Con 2019 will take place from Aug. 17-18. The location will be the Times Square Sheraton Hotel in New York City. Artist Jen Bartel has also been announced as a returning guest.

Geeks OUT is dedicated to "rallying the queer geek community and making sure they have a safe space to be themselves and geek out," organizers said in a statement, adding that all of the work put into the event is done by volunteers: "On top of our day jobs and sometimes night jobs, Flame Con is 100% volunteer-run."

2019 will mark the fifth year of the convention, which creates new comic characters called "Flamies" each year as part of the celebration. Two new Flamies will debut this year, created by Terry Blas. According to the Flame Con team, they are "designed to be non-binary, using neutral skin tones."

The new Flamies this year can be seen below — "Butch Flamie" and a "Neuro-Diverse Flamie" featuring a service animal named Sparkie, who dons the symbol for neurodiversity on its jacket of service.

ND Flamie

Courtey of Geeks OUT

Butch Flamie

Courtesy of Geeks OUT

“The Flamies are so much fun to draw, and every chance I get to create a new one is exciting," said Blas. "Bringing a group of intersectional, queer, racially ambiguous superheroes to life isn't something that happens every day, and when I look at them, they feel like a strong, close-knit family."

With the biggest priority being the creation of a safe, inclusive, and fun environment, Geeks OUT is "excited to be back. It's our fifth year, we're back in Times Square, and we honestly couldn't be happier."

Flame Con tickets will be available via Eventbrite on Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019.