Exclusive: From Evil Dead to Red Sonja, first looks at Dynamite Comics' new Halloween one-shots

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Oct 19, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

Dynamite Comics is determined to make this your best Halloween ever, and as the harvest moon rises and the barriers between the living and the dead fall like autumn leaves, enliven yourself with four Halloween one-shots showcasing Vampirella, Army of Darkness, Bettie Page, and Red Sonja. An Elvira: Mistress of the Dark issue was also planned but is currently being held up in licensing and facing a delay.

Each of these All Hallows' Eve-themed standalone issues materialize on October 24 and will be packed with 40 pages of spine-tingling fear for readers of all ages trying to trade them for fun-sized Three Musketeers or Butterfingers.

The creative teams on these holiday specials are something to scream about:


Red Sonja Halloween Special

Written by Erik Burnham and Tom Defalco with artwork by Tom Garcia and Anthony Marques, Red Sonja: Curse of the Wolf will have readers howling for more as Sonja attempts to vanquish a werewolf while the most magical night of the year erupts.


Army of Darkness Halloween Special

Written by Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, and Benito Cereno with artwork by Eoin Marron and Anthony Marques, it's stuffed with chainsaws and boomsticks, cutlasses and muskets, and Blackbeard’s men chased by a ghost pirate-hating Ash.


Bettie Page Halloween Special

Written by David Avallone and Leah Williams with artwork by Julius Ohta and Fernando Ruiz. This seasonal Bettie Page story investigates whether a Boston artist is actually in contact with godlike space aliens, or is he just plain insane?


Vampirella Halloween Special

Written by Scott Lobdell and Blake Northcott with artwork by Rapha Lobosco and Anthony Marques just in time for Vampi's 50th anniversary next year!

“I’ve been excited about working on these Halloween specials since the day I went into a meeting and started yelling, Let’s get spooky!," Celtic harvest festival enthusiast and Dynamite editor Kevin Ketner told SYFY WIRE. "After security pulled me off the table and escorted me out of the building, I was eventually allowed back inside to get started on this.

"I sent everyone some plastic vampire fangs in the mail and we got down to business making these really fun stories that everyone can sink their teeth into like a candy bar stolen from a child who was too exhausted to take proper trick or treat inventory before their parents took the good stuff. This has been a blast and I can’t wait for people to give these a read.”


Satisfy your horror comic sweet tooth with these spooktacular Halloween solo issues and check out our exclusive 3-page peek inside all four in the full gallery below. And raise a mug of hot cider to those striking covers by Reilly Brown!