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Exclusive: G. Willow Wilson talks making Ms. Marvel and launching A-Force

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Jul 13, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

G. Willow Wilson is having something of a moment. Her Ms. Marvel, featuring a Muslim-American teen in the title role, has been a critical and commercial hit, helping bring a welcome new perspective (and, to Marvel's satisfaction, a new buying audience) to the world of major-label comics. In May of 2015, she launched A-Force, an all-female team of Marvel heroes led by She-Hulk, that has been met with widespread critical acclaim. 

With diversity kind of a hot-button topic in the sci-fi world -- and, particularly, the superhero world -- these days, we figured it'd be good to get a chat in with one of the people pioneering that movement at the House of Ideas. Watch below for our full chat with G. Willow Wilson from San Diego Comic-Con, wherein we talk making Ms. Marvel, creating a new superhero (Singularity) for A-Force and her reaction to the response to her work.