Exclusive: Get a first look at Batman and The Signal #3 from DC Comics

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:03 AM EDT (Updated)

Batman usually works alone, but not in the pages of Batman and The Signal #3 by writers Tony Patrick and Scott Snyder. On shelves April 25, the third issue finds the Caped Crusader continuing his working relationship with the vigilante known as The Signal (Duke Thomas) against the mysterious villain known as Gnomon and his minions.

According to the official solicit info from DC, "Duke must go above and beyond to track down the malicious man who has single-handedly caused the dangerous boom in meta-activity in the Narrows. Little does he know, Gnomon holds the key to his past and the future of heroes in Gotham City!"

Look below to get your first look at the cover by Cully Hamner, who also handled the artwork for the issue. 


For a quick recap, Batman teamed up with Signal in Issue #1 following the emergence of new villains every day. This team-up spun out of the stories told in the All-Star Batman and We Are Robin storylines. Issue #2 explored how The Signal became Gotham's daytime protector, allowing Bruce Wayne to fulfill his duties as the head of Wayne Industries.

Signal is a member of the "Batman Family," having been trained by the Dark Knight himself. While willing to become Batman's new protege, Duke didn't want to become just another Robin and was therefore given an advanced yellow suit that would become the defining look of The Signal. 

Continue to the gallery below to view the first five action-packed pages of Batman and The Signal #3.