Exclusive: Gotham star David Mazouz reveals how Ra's al Ghul's return affects Bruce's mission

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Oct 4, 2017, 5:16 PM EDT

This week on Gotham, Ra's al Ghul returns, and that's not a good sign for Gotham City, or for Bruce Wayne. Wednesday in New York, star David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) was honored with a seat on the "Ride of Fame," a sight-seeing bus that honors stars with an impact on New York City. After the ceremony, he talked with SYFY WIRE about how Gotham will be affected by the return of Ra's.

"Ra's whole purpose is for Bruce to see that he is his heir. Bruce is the only person that can commit this deed - that I'm not going to spoil - but that Ra's wants him to do," Mazouz teased. "Bruce, obviously, is not having it, but Ra's is the devil over Bruce's shoulder, taking the very last strand of good and vulnerability and boyish innocence that Bruce has, and snapping it in half."

That may sound like a season-long arc, but as fans may have noticed from the first two episodes this year, the pace has picked up quite a bit in Gotham Season 4.

"It's gonna be very soon. It's not something you have to wait for. It happens in the next couple of episodes that are going to air," Mazouz promised. "It's scary, it's really really dark, really intense, and it will bring Bruce to a place he's never been to. He hits rock bottom."

The season started out the season in a makeshift costume, getting out into the city and fighting crime, but don't expect him to just become Batman in the next few weeks. In fact, Mazouz says, don't expect him to be wearing any costume for an extended period, starting soon.

"He started in the costume, but he's not going to be continuing in this trajectory all the way through... very, very soon we'll see him take a huge step back because of a traumatic event," he said. Sounds like the presence of al Ghul will put Bruce on a different path. "He's going to become... not a lot of people are going to like it. He's a bit of a jerk-hole."

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.