Exclusive: Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor talks tonight's shocking ending, and Penguin's team of freaks

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

Spoiler alert: The story and videos below discuss plot points from the May 8, 2017 episode of Gotham, "The Primal Riddle."

From start to finish, tonight's episode of Gotham was ice cold. First up, Penguin and Ivy headed to the arctic to recruit Victor Fries, who was in hiding following erstwhile Mayor Cobblepot's campaign promise to run the "monsters" out of town. Then, after confronting the Bruce Wayne clone, and pushing him to the point of violence, Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) was pushed through the window, and took a trip to the ground below, where she appeared to die -- at least until some friendly kittens decided to lend a helpful hand paw.

With regards to Selina's pavement plummet, if it seemed familiar, that's because it pays tribute to Michelle Pfeiffer's own death as Selina (and rebirth as Catwoman) in 1992's Batman Returns, directed by Tim Burton. And as it happens, Batman Returns fan -- and Oswald Cobblepot himself -- Robin Lord Taylor was in the Syfy Wire video HQ today to talk about the scene. In the video below, Taylor discusses how excited he and Bicondova were to read the scene (because: "Kittens!") as well as how happy he was to give a nod to Burton and Pfeiffer.

As for Penguin's new goal to create a legion of supervillains, Taylor says in this next clip that Penguin is "now the monster," and embracing what he campaigned against. He calls the mission a glimpse into Oswald's manipulations, but also a "full-circle learning moment" for the character. Check out below what he has to say about this big moment in the character's arc.

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What did you think of tonight's episode of Gotham? Is Selina about to become a full-on Catwoman? And what do you think is up Oswald's sleeve?

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