Exclusive: Graboids on ice in clip from Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell

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Apr 18, 2018, 9:47 AM EDT

It seems that no matter where you go, the tremors are sure to follow. Just when you think you're safe in the middle of a frozen wasteland, nope, here come the Graboids.  

Such is the basis for the sixth film in the cult-classic Tremors franchise, titled Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell. This installment takes the under-the-earth-worm-monster Graboid action to the snow, and as the title of the film suggests, it's not pleasant. 

Michael Gross (one of the stars of the original Tremors film in 1990) returns once again as Burt Gummer, and he's traveled to the arctic to investigate a series of deadly worm attacks. Aside from the Graboids, he's not alone — his son, Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy, who appeared in Tremors 5: Bloodlines) will be at his side. Burt will soon begin to suspect that someone is trying to weaponize the Graboids, but uh oh, he also gets poisoned by one of them. Burt and his son have 48 hours to create an antidote, and milking a Graboid may become a (gross) part of the solution. 

Today we have an exclusive look at the opening of the film, where a group of travelers have their snowy day ruined by...what else? Graboids. Directed by Don Michael Paul and written by John Whepley, Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell will be available on streaming services (as well as special feature-loaded Blu-rays) on May 1, 2018. Care to own the entire Tremors franchise? You're in luck— Tremors: The Complete Collection will also be available on that day, and will include Tremors, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, Tremors: The Legend Begins, Tremors 5: Bloodlines, and of course, the new film. That certainly is a lot of wormsign! Wrong franchise, but you get it. 

Take a look at the exclusive clip above, or follow the Graboids along to take a look right here