Exclusive: Grant Bowler talks Defiance Season 3, why he loved Mad Max: Fury Road, and more in our video interview

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Jun 24, 2015, 3:07 PM EDT (Updated)

This past week, we sat down with Grant Bowler, who plays Nolan on Syfy's (Blastr's corporate parent - Ed.Defiance, for a wide-ranging chat about the show's upcoming third season live via the Periscope app. Despite the fact that deep-linking a TV show and a massively multiplayer game hasn't quite panned out as the network might have hoped (the game never quite took off in a tough marketplace), the on-screen adventures of Nolan, his adopted alien daughter and the residents of this scrappy frontier town have shown enough legs to survive and expand its extraterrestrial-infused post-apocalyptic setting.

To get to the bottom of all this, we snagged some questions from the comments, some questions from our Periscope viewers and some from Blastr Editor-at-Large Aaron Sagers, our resident Defiance expert, and sat down for about a half-hour live stream with one of the people at the center of it all. For those who might've missed the broadcast or not had access to Periscope, we snagged the video and have embedded it below (apologies for the Vertical Video Syndrome, but Periscope currently doesn't allow shooting video in landscape mode).

 Check it out for a run-down on the following:

  • What kind of epic battles we have to look forward to in Season 3
  • What it was like making the Defiance game
  • Why Bowler thinks Mad Max: Fury Road is fantastic, and what it has in common with Defiance
  • Whether we can expect more shocking character deaths

And a bunch more. This whole Periscope thing is a new experiment for us, so let us know what you think, and we'll let you know when our next streamed interview is coming up so that you can get your questions ready!

Defiance Season 3 premieres tonight on Syfy at 8/7c.