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Exclusive: Grant Morrison brings strange tidings to our fresh peek at Boom!'s Klaus and the Crying Snowman

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Dec 13, 2018

Like a shining existential snowglobe encasing everything we treasure most at this wondrous time of year, Grant Morrison and Dan Mora's superhero Santa is making the wintry trek back into our homes and hearts with Boom!'s Klaus and the Crying Snowman.

Slated for a Dec. 19 release and just in time for some serious exploring while basking in the glow of holiday lights while munching sugar cookies, this book's superstar team has dialed up the magic in their annual Winter Special with a delirious dose of doomsday and hidden history. SYFY WIRE is unwrapping some exclusive pages from the new issue along with Mora's character concept art and revealing comments by the masterful Morrison himself.

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Credit: Boom! Studios

The Eisner Award-nominated series reimagining of the Santa Claus myth first launched back in 2015, and subsequent winter specials, 2016's Klaus and the Witch of Winter and 2017's Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville, have become highly anticipated tales of dark fantasy decadence.

This month's edition is a satisfying concoction of Morrison and Mora's fertile minds sprinkled with a dash of nordic mythology, eye-popping monsters, and cosmic coolness, all distilled down to one of the finest examples of the art form you'll see this year or any other. For 2018, Klaus visits an absentee father who’s been transformed into a living snowman and is quickly melting away, and also clashes with apocalypse-bent beings that defeated the legendary Norse gods.

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Credit: Boom! Studios

"In this one we wanted to talk about the whole dad-son relationship, but at the same time this dad is not a nice man at all," Morrison tells SYFY WIRE. "It came from that idea of a father and son building a snowman, that image of the transience of life, the melting snowman. The plot develops out of the essential relationship between Klaus and this awful man who's been cursed to become a snowman. It's about paying attention to things that matter, and I think the snowman was such a great Christmas image to embody the themes of our story."

klaus snowman slice

Credit: Boom! Studios

Morrison hopes readers embrace the incredible imagination on display and the wild images and ideas artist Dan Mora is able to create on the page.

"It's spectacular to look at, if nothing else," Morrison adds. "I want people to enjoy it like a superhero story. All those elements of Christmas, all those trappings, suddenly become quite different when you use them as the background of a superhero story."

klaus goat slice 8

Credit: Boom! Studios

Morrison and Mora have greatly expanded the Klaus universe into an even deeper cosmic arena with their latest Holiday Special, and the issue is packed with the mesmerizing artwork to prove it.

"it just gets better and better, and it was great to start with," admits Morrison. "I'm just throwing the craziest ideas at these guys, and they're at such a high level of skill that they can translate it into these amazing, fantastic images. When you've got someone like Dan I just come up with the wildest stuff I can, the craziest locations, and the most colorful settings. The book is just beautiful to look at, I say it again and again."

klaus slice 8

Credit: Boom! Studios

Behold the brilliance of our exclusive extended preview in the full gallery below, showcasing Morrison and Mora's impressive achievement, then tell us if you'll be asking dear Santa for a first edition of Klaus and the Crying Snowman when it arrives in comic shops on Dec. 19.

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