EXCLUSIVE: Grant Morrison on playing in the Multiversity sandbox, taking over Heavy Metal

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Jul 13, 2015, 5:29 PM EDT (Updated)

Grant Morrison has never been short on creativity, and after San Diego Comic-Con he is going to be busier than ever. DC Comics has given him free rein by giving him two massive projects. The first is an imprint, Multiversity Too, which is a series original graphic novels based on expanding the world he created in the Multiversity mini-series. The first graphic novel, The Multiversity: The Flash, will be released in 2016. Additionally, Morrison will be writing a Batman: Black and White anthology with a carousel of artists.

Morrison’s week of announcements don’t stop there. He was recently appointed editor-in-chief of Heavy Metal Magazine, where he will curate the magazine’s content while looking to modernize it and hand-pick the artists and writers who will be featured. He’s also open to seeing how the magazine could be experienced on a different level in a digital capacity. 

Next, in an exclusive partnership with digital delivery service Humble Bundle and Graphic India, Morrison is launching a new series called Avatarex, which explores the Indian culture and mythologies and bringing them to a contemporary India setting and global appeal. Avatarex furthers the work done in Grant Morrison’s 18 Days and will be made available in pay-what-you-want Humble Bundles for about 10 days (expires July 23, 2015) in their Tales From India section. And let’s not forget about Morrison’s upcoming six-issue miniseries for BOOM! Studios called Klaus, which tells the origin of Santa Claus in a Siberian Viking setting due out in November.

Morrison talks in depth about all of these projects in the video below: