Exclusive: Greg Nicotero previews the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead

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Feb 23, 2018, 1:10 PM EST (Updated)

Spoiler alert!

If you are not caught up with this season of The Walking Dead, you will really, really want to before reading this interview. Check out our recap of the midseason finale, "How It's Gotta Be."

The Walking Dead returns from its midseason hiatus this weekend, and brings with it a devastating scene: Carl's death. It's not a surprise. He was bitten on the torso in "How It's Gotta Be," and there is no coming back from that.

We spoke with series producer and the director of the midseason premiere episode, Greg Nicotero, about the heartbreaking episode, "Honor." A lot of what he told us is spoilerific, so you won't get to read that until after the episode airs. However, we got a few quotes from him that should wet your whistle and get you prepared for the rest of the season.

On The Walking Dead, our deaths are so sudden and so brutal and so shocking that people very often don't have an opportunity to react. In this episode, we are fortunate enough to share Carl's last moments. That's critical, because it does allow these characters, and our audience, some closure. Closure is critical in The Walking Dead. Imagine Tyreese's death versus Beth or Glenn or Abraham's deaths, that were so shocking, that it took people a long time to get over them and adjust to them. In this instance it is really different. I think there are some great opportunities, and some great moments. As sad as this episode is, I think there are some great moments. I think it's really beautiful. It has a lot of heart and a lot of sentiment.

I think Carl's death is definitely going to provide the fuse for what's coming in the second half of the season. You've got to understand the relationships Carl had with all these people, and how each one will react to his death. Also, Negan has brought the war to them. Up until this point, Negan's people were relegated to being trapped in the sanctuary. Now they are out, and it really changes the entire dynamic of the war. As we've seen in the end of episode eight and will see in nine, Alexandria is in ruins. Negan has brought the war to them. That's something they have never experienced to this caliber before.

We will have the entire Nicotero interview after "Honor" airs on February 25, so make sure to check back to find out what went into filming the episode.

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