EXCLUSIVE: Grimm creators on S4's powerless Nick, Trubel's trouble and a Wu-ruption

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Oct 24, 2014

Last season, Grimm co-creators and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf left us hanging by our fingernails with multiple cliffhangers, and things looked pretty grim for our Grimm characters. The NBC series returns tonight, and you can expect that nothing will be easy for any of the show's characters, said the co-creators in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

“Things are getting bigger, badder, better, more complicated ... at least more complex,” said Greenwalt.

Indeed! Yes, Rosalie and Monroe did get married. But Renard got shot, Nick lost his powers after accidentally sleeping with mommy dearest, Adalind Shade, Trubel got outed at the wedding, and Wu came to believe he might actually not be crazy. Exactly how will Nick deal with life without his Grimm-ness? Don't expect that storyline to be resolved too quickly.

“Monroe can be his eyes and ears, along with other friendly vessen. It's going to take a while, and it's going to be a process, and he and Juliette have to make some big decisions, like maybe it's better not to get his powers back and we can attempt to have a normal life,” said Greenwalt.

“First of all, is there any way on heaven and earth to get the powers back? Second of all, do I really want them back, and do I really want them back in terms of what's best for Juliette and our relationship?” said Kouf.

Nick will also get some help from Trubel, who we discovered was a Grimm last season, to handle his Grimm duties. At the beginning of the season, “We get a lot of Trubel, and she may go away after that,” Greenwalt threatened.

Fan favorite Wu will begin to figure out some things. “There's a lot more things that begin to happen, and he starts getting on this trail of Trubel. Who is this girl? She was involved in a homicide, but she's staying at Nick's house. She's supposed to be a criminology student. There's a lot to stuff not adding up for Wu. And eventually he really erupts,” said Greenwalt.

“We'll have a Wu-ruption,” said Kouf.

As far as Captain Renard, who's been shot ...

“He actually dies at the end of episode one, so you've got to stay tuned,” joked Greenwalt.

“But he dies with his shirt off, so it should be fine,” joked Kouf.

And Rosalie and Monroe will face “big problems,” and Juliette goes through something “amazing” that may end up helping Nick in the end.

And then there's Adaline, who may not be at all happy with the way things turn out in her dealings with Victor.

“Some really fun stuff happens with her, because she believes she's going to see her baby again. And Victor is playing her for a fool,” said Greenwalt.

As for Grimm's creatures, Nick and the gang will face a variety of vessen. “In the first couple of episodes we're going to meet a guy who can only be described as an octopus head. He puts his tendrils into the back of your skull and sucks certain things right out of you,” said Greenwalt.

Also, there's a Grimm take on a chupacabra, a raging bull boxing episode, a gollum, and an east Indiana-type vessen with “really long tongues that can grab you around the neck and pull you wherever they wish,” he said.

Here's a look at the premiere of Grimm:

Grimm airs on Fridays on NBC at 9 p.m. ET.

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