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EXCLUSIVE: Grimm's Juliette/Eve on her wild Season 5 ride and tonight's deadly finale

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May 20, 2016

On tonight's big two-hour Season 5 finale, you can expect plenty more Emmy-nominated action, big developments for Rosalee and Monroe, and death. Yep, someone's going to die “and they're not coming back,” according to actress Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Eve (aka Juliette) on NBC's Grimm.

“I'm really happy they're doing the finale as a two-hour finale because [episodes] 21 and 22 are really intense,” Tulloch told Blastr in an exclusive interview. “I saw the finale episode at [executive producer] Norberto Barba's house, so that would be technically 22, even though they're airing it together, and it was one of the best episodes of Grimm I have seen in five years. I mean it. The action is flawless. It's non-stop action. I mean very, very few scenes where it's just like people talking. The stakes couldn't be higher, and I was telling Bert, because he's no longer going to be our producing director going forward, that he really went out with a bang. It was very impressive what he did.”

Tulloch said she is very proud of the finale. “It's not even super cliffhangery, which I know some people love and it drives some people nuts. It almost plays like a movie.”

But what can we expect?

“There is a fun piece of news regarding Monroe and Rosalee. The healing stick features prominently in the finale. You will see there some really fun Scoobie Squad scenes, again really awesome action sequences. Our stunt coordinator on Grimm has been nominated twice for Emmys for Grimm, and I would be shocked if it doesn't get a nomination for the finale episode. The stunts are so good,” she said.

“And coming up, I think it's in the finale, I guess the biggest thing I will say is that there is a character that the fans have really come to love who dies,” said Tulloch.

Really, really dies, as in not coming back, like ever? As in it's not like Innocent Juliette who turns into Evil Juliette and gets shot with an arrow in her chest and dies, only to come back as the mysterious Eve? Someone actually really dies?

“Really dies,” she said. And if you've been watching the show you know that “pretty much everyone is [in danger] at this point.”

A “character that the fans have really come to love”? Monroe, Rosalee, Wu, Trubel, Hank ... or maybe love to hate? Renard, Adalind? That's pretty much the whole cast. Maybe even Nick. Maybe next season is the season of Trubel? Hummmm ...

While Tulloch wouldn't part with any more super-secret spoilers -- like will the gang defeat Black Claw -- she did talk about her evolution on the series this season, which has been epic.

“I've been actually very lucky. Somebody pointed out on Twitter right around when Eve was introduced, 'Wow, this is third character you've gotten to play on one TV show.' And I was just say, 'Yeah, that's true,' because we had Innocent Juliette and then we had Evil Juliette, and now we have Eve,” she said.

Eve, with a little Juliette popping up, now that Nick's in danger.

“Slowly but surely. As hard as she is trying to just really completely 100% inhabit this new persona, at the end of the day it's still Juliette's DNA and her flesh and blood,” said Tulloch.

“She has tried and made a really concerted effort to suppress the emotional attachment to Nick. But the first time you see a little bit of Juliette poking in is when she goes to the loft and talks to Adalind and there's a confirmation that Adalind is a Hexenbiest again, and you see Juliette say totally out of character, 'If you hurt Nick, I will come for you.' And so I remember there being a lot of reaction to that on social media, because the fans were like, 'Is that Juliette peeking in?'” she said.

“It's been a very interesting role to play, and the producers were very specific about me watching the Luc Besson Nikita for inspiration, and then coincidentally Ex Machina came out and I was trying to draw a little bit of inspiration from Alicia Vikander's performance as a robot in that film,” said Tulloch.

“It's been pretty challenging to play this character who's so controlled, because Eve is a lot harder to play than Juliette was. She's incredibly robotic. She moves in a robotic way. I always pretend that there's a magnet on top of my head and a magnet on the ceiling so that all my movements are very fluid and on the same plane,” she said.

While many of the characters on Grimm have evolved this season, none more than Juliette as she became an evil Hexenbiest and later morphed into Eve, who's working for the secret anti-Black Claw organization, Hadrian's Wall.

“You know what I think is compelling? I think it's interesting just how incredibly powerful she is. We have not yet really seen a character on Grimm who can look at someone and make their head explode. Who can just look at a locked door and it swings open. And you do see a lot, in the way it unfolds slowly towards the finale, is very, very slowly and surely there's a little bit of humanity creeping back in,” said Tulloch.

The stage and screen actress – who's starred in Will Smith's Concussion, Tim Roth's Chronic and the Academy Award winning silent film, The Artist – believes the producer's willingness to push the characters of Grimm to the extremes they have since the series began is “why we are going into a sixth season. They're pushing conflict. The fans get so worked over up a storyline as they are with the whole Nick and Juliette vs. Nick and Adalind kind of factions. That's a brand new thing and that's how you keep a show going. You create conflict and you do push the limits and keep people guessing,” she said.

“You want to keep people guessing to see is somebody actually going to die? Are they going to be reborn? Their messing with us a little, including me. I sometimes get scripts and I'm like, 'Are you kidding?' I remember thinking that when I got the script for burning down the trailer. The trailer was burned down because it was just too hard to shoot in, so it was a logistical thing. But why do I have to be the one to do that? The fans will be so mad at me,” said Tulloch.

Luckily, many fans have gotten past Evil Juliette's most evil deeds now that there's a hint that the sweet Juliette who loves Nick might be lurking within the steely exterior of Eve. Well, we can hope.

Here's a preview of tonight's season five finale:


Grimm's finale airs on NBC tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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