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Exclusive: Han Solo made this major (and illegal) upgrade to the Millennium Falcon after winning it from Lando, new book reveals

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Dec 17, 2018, 8:00 PM EST (Updated)

After winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in their second-ever Sabacc standoff, Han Solo decided to go full Xzibit and pimp out his new ride with a few illicit upgrades that were certainly not approved by the Empire.

These upgrades are discussed in an upcoming book from Insight Editions that provides a detailed rundown of the modified Corellian Light Freighter, also know as the YT-1300. The Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual, by Ryder Windham, Chris Reiff, and Chris Trevas, becomes available in late November, but we were able to smuggle a few exclusive page reveals off of Scarif before they were annihilated by the Death Star.

"When we started work on the book, it was well before the release of Solo so we went to Lucasfilm, went through the script, and sat down with the publishing department, the story group, and the Falcon team from Industrial Light & Magic," Reiff tells SYFY WIRE, adding that there are Easter eggs alluding to Star Wars Rebels and even the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special

"It was important for all of us to be completely thorough and tell as much of the story of the ship as possible," Reiff explains, "so we talked through all the new additions to the ship and found ways to use and explain all the work and development that had been done."

Our first exclusive page discusses the Falcon's laser cannons, which were beefed up by Han himself. According to the manual, "Solo upgraded both cannons by adding enhanced power cyclers, high-volume gas-feeds, and custom modified laser actuators — with larger engergization crystals — for each cannon's barrel, effectively transforming the cannons into military-grade blasters. This highly illegal modification magnified the laser beam intensity so much that it could destroy a pursuing ship, such as an Imperial TIE fighter with a single hit."

These are the very cannons used by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in A New Hope, Finn (John Boyega) in The Force Awakens, and Rey (Daisy Ridley) in The Last Jedi.

Take a look at the cannon canon below...

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual

Credit: Insight Editions

The second exclusive page reveal centers around the specifications of Han's modified Falcon, as well as its floor plan. Like the aforementioned cannons, the ship's deflector shield generators are also military-grade. Among the floor plan list, you can find fresh-water tanks, a kitchen, subspace radio, secret compartments, and the iconic holographic game table.

"I started by examining all the set blueprints from Solo and the new 3D models from Industrial Light & Magic," Trevas says. "The Falcon’s interior doesn’t actually fit within the shape of the exterior, so it takes a lot of adjusting and a few tricks to make it work. Luckily, we already had the floor plan drawn for the first edition of the book, so we just had to update and redesign the back end of the ship to align with what we see in the new movie. Sometimes, we look[ed] at vintage aircraft manuals for designing things like fuel flow diagrams and engine cutaways. Even though it’s technology from another galaxy, we still want it to feel like it could work."

Take a look for yourself:

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual

Credit: Insight Editions

"I'd like to think that anyone who reads the book will see that the artists and I put a lot of effort into it, but another part of me hopes that Star Wars fans don't even consider that effort," Windham says. "I hope they just enjoy all the information and images. We produced the book as an 'in-universe' Star Wars book, so if fans feel as if they're reading a manual that they bought at a starship repair shop at Mos Eisley Spaceport, that would be very gratifying."

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual goes on sale everywhere Nov. 27.

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